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Teens who consider themselves Emo's or are labeled as Emo by their peers often turn to poems and song lyrics to express their painful feelings of alienation. The path to healing and peace always includes both recognition of the self and acceptance of the self. This may be the reason why poetry is so therapeutic to an "Emo". Frequent visitors to FFP find that reading poems can be as therapeutic as writing poems. We hope the poems displayed here can help you find comfort and acceptance.


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  1. Cuts For A Life

    "The Emo" They Call Me

    From start to finish I wonder why
    The cuts look good in this messed up lie
    The blood that trickles down my arm
    People all stare at the girl who self-harms:-

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    This poem really touched my heart. I'm 16 and I started cutting when I was 13. My daily life in school was unbearable. All the kids hated me, I hung out with the wrong people, and I started...

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  3. She And Me

    • By Rose O Fletch
    • Published: January 2009
    My Mask Is Perfect

    She smiles, I cry.
    She's brave, I'm shy.
    She loves, I'm alone.
    She's amazing, I'm unknown.

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    I went through pretty much everything that I have read here so far. The mask, keep it up long enough and it eventually becomes part of you. I used to be a cutter, the only reason I stopped...

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  4. Trying To Live

    • By Yvette
    • Published: November 2008

    I am a poet writing about my pain.
    I am person recovering and trying to gain.
    I am your daughter who is trying to learn.
    I am your sister who is starting to turn.

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    I am constantly made fun if and called emo because when I was 12 I tried to hang myself and I used to cut and have scars all up my arms. I was only depressed because my dad and I were close...

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  6. Broken Dreams

    Drowning in a darkness
    Of deep despair
    Believing the lies I hear
    And seeing truths not there ...

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    I know how you feel. I'm sorry you feel like that because I know what you're going through. I'm trying to become better myself. People don't understand EMO'S like myself...

  7. Battle Within Myself

    • By Kristin Lore
    • Published: July 2011

    Have you ever sat up at night
    And just let your barrier down?
    Brick by brick.
    I've sat in silence and cried

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    I have never been in a situation where I would intentionally hurt myself, but I know people who would. I keep telling them you are loved, but they don't listen! So my only hope for this short...

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  8. Suicidal

    • By Emoprincess20
    • Published: December 2016
    Going From Happy And Joyful To Self-Harm

    Children used to laugh
    and play,
    but then the joy
    faded away.

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    I also do the same thing. I'm always in my room, on my bed lying. But I don't cry. A lot of the time I'm tired of crying, and I don't stay in the dark because I'm afraid of dark, but I am...

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  10. My Mask

    • By Erika McDonough
    • Published: May 2009

    She is happy, I'm sad.
    She has friends, I don't.
    People understand her;
    No one understands me.

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    Everyone has a mask they hide behind. I've put on a mask of emotions since I started going to school. My friends never understand, and I can't make them, it's hard to explain, and it's like...

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  11. Emo Hurts

    • By Danielle
    • Published: November 2009

    Emo is scary.
    Emo hurts,
    But don't tell that I told you.
    Not another word.

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    Emo isn't bad!!! its a way of expression!!! I know how you feel and I'm sorry... but I can't take this.... because I hang with a lot of different people and we are categorized as "emo"......

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  12. The 'It' Girl

    • By Dottie
    • Published: October 2011
    They Call Me Emo And They Call Me Goth

    they call me emo and they call me goth.
    they see no difference and they never stop.
    their voices replay all the time.
    I can't help it (fast forward...rewind)...

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    This is almost what I went through. I laughed at "emo" people, then I saw how stupid I was. After I changed, my "friends" laughed at me and the guy we picked on the most is now my boyfriend...

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  13. The Invisible Line

    • By Stephanie
    • Published: April 2009
    The Emo Side

    Time is wasted day after day.
    I sit with people I don't understand, people I don't belong with.
    As I look at the people I do belong with, I am intimidated.
    I feel as though there is a line that I can never cross

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    Right now I'm going through the same think, I'm in school with so called friends but they don't get me because their lives are perfect they don't have to think about when life has taken away...

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