Fighting Friend Poems by Teens

Poems About Fighting With Your Best Friend

The line between a friend and enemy is closer than you think. There is no greater enemy than one who was once your greatest friend. He knows all your secrets and what you are ashamed of. Be careful not to make enemies for they can turn your life into a bitter experience.


We've Changed

What happened to us?
Who can we trust?
We are not the same
It's such a tired game
We all lie
We all cry
Why do we even try?
This life is too short
To live with hate
We can't go back
It's just too late.
I've tried to save you
But there's nothing left for me to do
You're always saying that it's not you
But I know deep down that
That's a lie
So there's no reason left to try
So here we go
Time to say no
To walk away with nothing left to say
No more lies
Only goodbyes.



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