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  1. Growing Up

    • By Lisa Fy
    • Published: April 2017
    Feeling Like A Disappointment

    I've grown up, I'm not your perfect little girl anymore.
    Bottled up inside are the things I never said,
    The lines you never read,
    The voices in my head I can't keep quiet.

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  3. Is It Because I'm Still A Teenager?

    • By Sunali
    • Published: March 2011

    Why does everything feel so wrong when I know there's nothing wrong?
    Why do I feel so confused when I know that life's all about confusion?
    Why do I always want to be happy like the other kids even though I know that they are not really happy and that everyone has problems of their own?
    Why do this one thing to ruin my life and take away all my happy moments?

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    I loved the poem! I feel like it gives a great insight into a teenager's mind. As teenagers, I feel like several topics and emotions start appearing that weren't there before, and it might...

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