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Hate is a deep feeling. It can spring up in a person if they are neglected, mistreated, or abused for long periods of time. Hate can turn us against someone. It can cause us to deny them forgiveness. It shouldn't be allowed to well up in a heart without good reason, because it is almost impossible to erase. If you hate someone, or you simply hate their actions, remember that hatred doesn't heal hatred. Only love can do that. We can become better people by refusing to become the things we hate.


My So Called Father

When I leave, I won't be back,
all my shit is already packed.
I hope you are happy for what you have done,
now the only kid you have, is your son.
When I get married, you will not be there,
that way you know what it feels like, for someone not to care.
When I have a child, it you will not see,
this is payback for what you have done to me.
How you kept me locked up, as your prisoner to smother,
and how the only one you cared about was my brother.
It's your fault it has to be this way,
maybe you will realize that, someday.
I know it's not good to have so much hate,
there is no way it can change, it's too late.
I hope this kills you for the rest of your life,
just knowing that I will be his wife.
We will have kids that we love the same,
they will be treated equally, not one always get the blame.
I know how it feels to get that end of the deal,
to go to bed crying, without a meal.
My kids will never be neglected like I was,
because I know how much damage on a life that does.
You have no idea what you have done,
maybe you shouldn't have gave, only to your son.
Now you have no daughter, only the son you loved more,
so remember all this, when you see me walk out the door....



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