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  1. To My Son

    • By Sarah Flores
    • Published: June 2010
    Poem To Baby From Teen Mom

    My baby, my son, my precious prince
    Sent straight from Heaven and loved ever since
    A gift from God to handle with care
    A heart of gold for you to share...

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    I LOVE your poem. You have such dedication to your child. I am the same way, the only difference is I lost my son at 11 months to the father's mother who took him out of spite because I left...

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  3. Tears Of Guilt

    • By Brianna Gendron
    • Published: August 2009
    I Miss My Mom

    nobody really knows how much she blames herself
    she wipes a tear from her face,
    and stares at the picture on the shelf.
    she shouldn't have screamed and yelled that night on the phone....

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  4. My Mother, Always There For Me

    • By Mackenzie Ford
    • Published: May 2011

    You are greatly loved,
    You are greatly cherished!
    Without I would be lost, without you I would be forever scared.
    You are my anchor, my pillar of safety. ...

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  6. My Mom, My Hero

    • By Callie
    • Published: May 2013

    If you only knew
    How much you mean
    to the whole world...

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  7. Because I'm Your Kid

    • By Camellia Gros
    • Published: July 2008
    A Letter From A Teen To Her Mom

    Because I'm your kid, let me have my space.
    Because I'm your kid, don't push me away.
    Just because we fight, does it mean I don't want you in my life?

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    Finally, a poem that says how I sometimes feel at age 15.
    Most of the poems I have read show the mother as the always perfect one with whom there is never a disagreement. That, at least for...

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  8. A Fight

    • By Carly L. Dearing
    • Published: February 2006
    It Feels Like Mom Hates Me

    Tears stream down my face
    She hates me, I just know it
    'I can't stand her' she tells him
    To my room and shut the door

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    I know how you feel my life is like that now and always has been. I just wish everything would STOP. I sometimes wonder if anybody would truly miss me or not.

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  10. The Truth

    • By Brittaney Ferguson
    • Published: September 2011
    Mom Says I'll Never Amount To Much

    You say I'll never amount to anything
    But I'm determined to prove you wrong
    You've been evil and cruel to me
    And I put up with it too long...

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    My stepdad is very harsh to me I try to express my feelings he doesn't even buy anything I try to tell him and I try to reason to him but he will tell me I don't want to hear it I don't want...

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  11. The Lesson

    OK, so here I sit hearing nothing but blah, blah, blah,
    In one ear and out the other.
    Boy oh brother you sure are a long winded mother!
    If I was confused before by the time your done ...

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  12. Im Sorry For All I Did Mom

    • By Chene
    • Published: January 2012

    The past few weeks I started smiling,
    started telling my mother I love her.
    so as time passes I think nothing can break this happy heart of mine.
    but time only deceived me......

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    My mum and I don't get along very well, but we should. Even though we don't get along, I love your words.

  13. Today My Mother Died

    • By Sania Harris
    • Published: May 2008

    Today my mother died
    Silently without a sign
    No inkling about her sadness
    Even though we filled her with madness...

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    this poem touched me is exactly how I felt when my mother died, I was only eight years old at the time so I felt responsible for giving her headaches. my mother was my everything...

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