Teen Pregnancy Poems

Poems about Teen Pregnancy

Many people judge teen parents thinking they are irresponsible, and too young to raise a child. Teen mothers especially are faced with many emotional struggles. How will they finish school? What will their parents say? Should they hide it? Should they abort? What if their baby has no father? Trapped in a sea of these doubts and others, many pregnant teens aren't sure what to do. Some people might tell pregnant teens, "Your life is over when you have that baby". Teens should remember though, having a child doesn't end your life, it simply gives you a new and different future.

Poems by Pregnant Teens


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  1. I Didn't Want To Leave You

    • By Mackenzie Y
    • Published: February 2014

    I didn't want to leave you
    I wanted to stay
    but my mother said I had to go
    and so she took me away...

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  3. Teen Pregnancy

    • By Michelle
    • Published: December 2013
    Inspirational Poem For Pregnant Teens

    Pregnancy is scary at first,
    but my excitement just burst.
    The day I found out,
    I didn't have a doubt, ...

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    I was 18 years old when I found out I was pregnant. I was so scared. I was working full time, ending my first year of college, and I was moving out of state in 3 months. I was just diagnosed...

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  4. It All Started With A Hook Up

    • By Mikaela
    • Published: March 2012
    Teen Miscarriage Poem

    It started with a hook up.
    And than the plus sign appeared.
    Your daddy told me to take care of it.
    I did as he told. ...

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    This exact same thing happened to me. It's kind of scary how similar this poem is to what happened to me. At 21 weeks I went into labor with my baby girl and she died shortly after I gave...

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  6. It's Going To Be All Worth It

    • By Aubrey
    • Published: March 2012

    I walk through the doors.
    12 years old.
    Everybody stares, because I'm starting to show.
    I hear what you are saying it's all around the school....

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  7. All Alone For Now

    • By Rebekah S
    • Published: July 2011

    It happened at the age of sixteen,
    She was scared to look up at that screen.
    Knowing there was a little heart beat,
    She would soon get kicked out to the street....

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  8. Unborn

    • By Tanease
    • Published: July 2011
    Poem For My baby Who Passed Away

    my heart breaks to know I can't have you
    it takes so much of me to understand
    that you are needed somewhere else
    and not in my arms,...

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    I am so sorry for both of y'all. I know how you both feel I lost my baby too that's the reason why I wrote this poem. It is very heartbreaking
    I was only about 10 weeks pregnant when I...

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  10. Having A Kid Inside A Kid

    • By Rena Kist
    • Published: July 2011

    I'm only in middle school,
    only a girl,
    a little scared,
    very pale and sick,...

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  11. Why Another Miscarriage

    Please Make This One The Last

    All you can do is just sit there and cry,
    Why did you just let it die?
    To you it's just another miscarriage,
    just like the other times at your younger ages.

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  12. Just A Kid Having A Kid

    • By Gabrielle
    • Published: May 2010

    I gave it up...
    to the boy of my dreams...
    never treated me wrong once...
    now we are going to have a baby to support......

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    I am currently pregnant with twins at age 12. I was raped by my older brother's friend two days before my birthday. At first I wanted to get an abortion, but then I just couldn't go through...

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  13. My Unborn Baby

    • By Courtney
    • Published: June 2009

    To my unborn baby.
    I lay at night knowing it'll be alright.
    I watch you on the black and white screen,
    Thinking will you're eyes be brown or green....

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    I love this I'm 26 weeks with a girl I'm going to name Hailey Rose

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