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  1. Shame

    • By Becca
    • Published: June 2012
    Raped And Mother Doesn't Believe Me

    the light was there but I was blind
    the image never leaves my mind
    you sat there and laughed while I laid there and cried
    you smiled and laughed while I frowned and died...

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    I was raped by my step-dad for years. I told my mom about what was happening. She laughed and told me it was "just a dream." I didn't understand why she couldn't see that it wasn't a dream...

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  2. Not Bitter, But Sweet

    • By Chrissi
    • Published: October 2011
    Healing From Rape Poem

    Little girl walking down the street
    pretty-eyed, brown, and extremely sweet

    Walking to her crazy home...

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    This poem really touched me its so amazing I was raped by my mothers boyfriend at 8 and it continued till I was 12 and I told my mother and she didn't do anything about it but marry him so...

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  3. His Kiss, Amiss

    • By Tori Amos
    • Published: July 2011
    Poem About Rape

    He holds me close, my lips he kiss
    Inside I know this is truly amiss
    He kisses again, his hand moves low
    I check the time, "I gotta go."

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    This story touched me. I was raped by my granddad when I was 1, 2, and 3 years old. I tried telling my grandma, but she said I was lying, so I told my mom. She told me she would take care of...

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  4. Tragedy

    • By Jennifer Hunter
    • Published: January 2012
    Daughter Raped To Pay For Mother's Crack Addiction

    innocence's stolen in a blink of an eye,
    all because of my mothers lies.
    trusting her ended up being deceiving,
    all for a hit of crack she lured me into believing, that she was there for me,...

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  5. Shadow Of A Silhouette

    • By Laura Sumano-Diaz
    • Published: August 2011
    Raped By My Boyfriend Poem

    To most this is just a bad dream, a nightmare
    But to some, it's more, it's reality
    Few can talk about it, few take the dare
    The rest stay in the shadows...

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    My boyfriend constantly raped me for 4 years, and I never thought it was wrong. I figured that this is what I have to do if I wanted to date him, but now I know that that's not true. What he...

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  6. To My Rapist

    • By Elyse
    • Published: April 2012
    Facebook Rape

    You were a friend,
    Someone I thought I could trust.
    I told you nothing would happen,
    But you didn't give up.

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    You wrote my story almost exactly the way it happened. Except the scum that attacked me said he had chose me two weeks prior to attacking me. I wish I never reported it.

  7. The Monster That Ruined Me

    • By Christina Deubner
    • Published: July 2013

    Life became a blur,
    Getting caught where we were.
    I never get sleep,
    And constantly find myself at weep....

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  8. Is This A Dream?

    • By Alice
    • Published: June 2011

    His arm is tight against my waist
    It's only a dream, I tell myself
    I feel the chill of the blade against my throat
    I'm just dreaming, none of this is real...

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  9. I Remember

    • By Jennifer
    • Published: November 2008
    Raped By Boyfriend Poem

    I remember the way it felt
    when you where on top of me
    It was like you controlled me
    Your forced yourself in ...

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    I feel the pain you feel. I was in 7th grade when my cousin's friend raped me. All my cousin did was walk in, kiss my head, cover me up, and say sorry. His friend came in while I was...

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  10. Because Of You

    • By Lauren
    • Published: August 2011
    My Brother Raped Me

    I hate you for what you've done to me
    My life is in pieces can't you see
    you might have forgotten
    but I never will...

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