Rape Poems by Teens

Poetry by Teen Survivors of Rape

Rape is one of the most degrading, devastating emotional events that can happen to a person. Many people try to deny that they were raped by keeping it a secret, but repressing an attack simply delays the healing process and leaves the attacker free to attack again. Instead, victims should seek out legal and medical help, and a trusted friend to confide in. Often, recovery only begins when a victim talks to others about what happened to them. If you were raped, remember that what happened to you is not your fault. You deserve to get help and emotional support.

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  1. I Remember

    • By Jennifer
    • Published: November 2008
    Raped By Boyfriend Poem

    I remember the way it felt
    when you where on top of me
    It was like you controlled me
    Your forced yourself in ...

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    I feel the pain you feel. I was in 7th grade when my cousin's friend raped me. All my cousin did was walk in, kiss my head, cover me up, and say sorry. His friend came in while I was...

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  2. A Little Piece Of Me

    • By Kariana R.
    • Published: January 2012
    Molested By My Brother Poem

    You forced yourself on me, along with your touch.
    I pleaded for you to stop, but you still wouldn't get off.
    I closed my eyes tightly, wishing I were somewhere else.
    Wishing someone had been here to help....

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    Hey there. I hope your situation has improved! I don't want to say I understand, because I don't, not completely. But I hope you can find the words and the chance to get a bit of hope. And...

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  3. A Life Change

    • By Amberrae Daniels
    • Published: March 2012
    9 Year Old Raped By Next Door Neighbor

    There was a chill in the wind that night,
    one like no other.
    The darkness made it hard for sight,
    but I knew it was his brother....

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    Hi! My name is Dylan. I am now 17 years old, but I grew up in a house in Archer, FL. I lived with a man who was abusive sexually, mentally, and physically. He also sold me to his friends and...

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  4. I Wish I Was Blind

    • By Courtney Powell
    • Published: March 2009
    Raped By Babysitter And Neighbor

    Waiting, debating
    On whether or not I
    Should be saying.

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    Oh, rape you have only destroyed the life of people. When will you ever stop? People shout from day to day that their children are dead all because of you. Why are you so, so wicked? That is...

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  5. Raped And Pregnant

    • By Jasmine Davis
    • Published: March 2008

    I never thought I'd see the day,
    When my virginity would get snatched away.
    By a stranger I hardly ever knew,
    To hurt to even sue.

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    I know how you feel. I was 8 years old when I first got raped. I told no one and I, like you, forgave him but didn't trust anyone for a long time. I thought I met a great guy friend when I...

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  6. Shadow Of A Silhouette

    • By Laura Sumano-Diaz
    • Published: August 2011
    Raped By My Boyfriend Poem

    To most this is just a bad dream, a nightmare
    But to some, it's more, it's reality
    Few can talk about it, few take the dare
    The rest stay in the shadows...

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    My boyfriend constantly raped me for 4 years, and I never thought it was wrong. I figured that this is what I have to do if I wanted to date him, but now I know that that's not true. What he...

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  7. Hurt, Pain, And Anger

    • By Shelby
    • Published: November 2008

    I hurt because of you.
    The pain I felt when you hurt me.
    The anger that followed what you did.

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    I was 14, he was 26 the first night he touched me, I still remember the way he smiled, the way he whispered in my ear about how he liked it. I was molested for 4 months. I went through soo...

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  8. Dead Doll Eyes

    • By Sara Leapape
    • Published: May 2010

    Dead doll eyes are something I have
    because of the innocence I can never get back
    I have something most girls lack
    The ability to twist and turn my soul black...

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    That is so terrible Emma. Your mom should not go there to visit him. You are supposed to come first. Excuse me for saying this, but this isn't your fault, and your mom is wrong. She is...

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  9. You Didn't Care

    You said that you would always be there
    You said that you really did care
    Instead all I got were your bullshit lies
    You didn't once stop to listen to my cries...

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    When I was 14, I was drinking with what I thought were a couple of good friends. Everyone left but me and this kid whose house it was. He kept persuading me to drink more and more. Somehow I...

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  10. Not A Victim Anymore

    Where once there was love, now only is pain,
    I'll never have innocence, ever again.
    He took it from me, my childhood,
    he took away, all that was good.

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    I was raped from 5 years old to 10 years old. My rapist was my own brother. I have flashbacks and nightmares. I remember going to the police and telling them everything then leaving thinking...

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