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  1. Place Of Terror

    • By Paige
    • Published: May 2010
    My Doctor Raped Me

    I was ill
    you where suppose to help
    yet you harmed
    what did I do?...

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    My doctor I recently went to accused my brother of raping me. I was raped years ago at the age of 12 at a party, but not by him. This doctor falsely started accusing my brother of rape. I...

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  2. Hurt, Pain, And Anger

    • By Shelby
    • Published: November 2008

    I hurt because of you.
    The pain I felt when you hurt me.
    The anger that followed what you did.

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    I was 14, he was 26 the first night he touched me, I still remember the way he smiled, the way he whispered in my ear about how he liked it. I was molested for 4 months. I went through soo...

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  3. Because Of You

    • By Lauren
    • Published: August 2011
    My Brother Raped Me

    I hate you for what you've done to me
    My life is in pieces can't you see
    you might have forgotten
    but I never will...

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  4. Rape

    After I Turned 16

    I remember each second of that night.
    Each time I try to forget the pain and memory of that time, it is still there.
    I remember when you got on top of me and held me down and even though I screamed for help, nobody came.
    Now I live with it each day of my life.

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    I was raped a year ago when I was 17 turning 18. I did tell people I trusted, but I still wish I had the courage to tell my mom. To think that I was raped at the tavern just make me shiver...

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  5. Uknown Sadness

    • By Lillian S.
    • Published: March 2011

    And into the world stared these gleaming blue eyes
    Which she saw past its dimension and only despised
    This beauty she portrayed everyone had seen
    but disguised sadness she made it serene...

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    I was raped.... More than once. Once by a boyfriend I'd left. Another by who I'd once thought was my best friend. Another by my Sister in Law's nephew. Another by a man whom I did not know....

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  6. Pain That Comes Thereafter!

    • By Jamie-Lisa Mclean
    • Published: March 2009
    My Cousin Raped Me

    It feels like my whole world is falling apart
    maybe I'm trying to hard

    trying to push the feelings away ...

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    I also was raped by my cousin that was like a brother to me around the age of 10-11. He took my innocence, my virginity, my childhood. He did it for years before I learned and realized what...

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  7. The Monster That Ruined Me

    • By Christina Deubner
    • Published: July 2013

    Life became a blur,
    Getting caught where we were.
    I never get sleep,
    And constantly find myself at weep....

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  8. Taken

    • By Joel White
    • Published: May 2012
    Raped By Sibling

    I always blamed me was I not worth protecting you were my siblings and I trusted you.

    I lay here all broken and bruised, my body once a temple now it's just something some bastards abused. You grin from cheek to cheek not knowing not caring about what damage you do to me. I was 11 I was young you where 15 you where strong you pinned me down and just carried on. My screams lay silent as the grave as I was too afraid to say what happened to me on so many days. As time went on I become num and a black cloud came over me and I no longer felt pain, any emotions hidden by drawing a blade to my naked skin each cut each slice of my flesh symbolizing another secret hidden deep within I felt a stranger in this world all alone. There are 3 things in life you should never take from someone their innocence, happiness, and family, you took all three and much more you took my sprit.

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    I know exactly how you feel. I'm 11 and my brother is 15 and you wrote that exactly the way it happened, except my bigger brother almost killed him. The hardest part for me is that I'm...

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  9. Is This A Dream?

    • By Alice
    • Published: June 2011

    His arm is tight against my waist
    It's only a dream, I tell myself
    I feel the chill of the blade against my throat
    I'm just dreaming, none of this is real...

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  10. My Heart Skips A Beat

    • By Louisa
    • Published: October 2016
    He Is Not Who You Think He Is

    When I see you,
    My heart skips a beat.
    I don't want to admit it,
    But I'm accepting defeat.

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