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Sisters are a real blessing. We may fight with them on a regular basis, but deep down we know they are our forever friends. Sisters see us at our best and our worst, and they still love us. They know us better than our friends, for they are more than just friends, they are family. Sisters keep our secrets, tell us theirs, stay up all night with us laughing, and lend us a shoulder to cry on when our hearts are broken. Sisters are a gift. Don't take them for granted.


Young, Wild And Free

Poem About A Little Sister Who Died

She ran through the fields
Young, wild and free
That cheeky smile she wore made my heart rejoice with glee.
I never thought a spirit like hers would ever fall down,
But it's what we don't expect that has the greatest effect on everything around.

Her heart was pure and loving,
Her eyes as fierce as a crow,
Her voice as sweet as the humming, of the birds down in the hollow.

Everything she knew was happy,
Away in a world to far for us to know.
As she fell asleep in a bed of roses,
She left all troubles and sorrow.

Never did she grow old or see the pains of this world.
Her innocence contained until she can awaken from this Winter blow.

So hush baby girl, go to sleep.
Away from the real world,
To keep you unique.



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