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Hold My Hand And Lean On Me

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Lean on me
when you are not strong,
and I'll carry you
all the way home.

- Cassandra Darden

Friend Like A Sister

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I know you as a sister,
And I will always care,
Love, respect, and trust
Are the things we share.



Just Yesterday

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Thank you for all the memories
that I hold so dear in my heart,
and as time goes by new ones will form,
but the old will shall never depart.

- Danielle Neidich

Through Thick And Thin

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Life goes on,
and people change,
and through it all,
our friendship shall remain the same.

- Annie Hall

A Warm Embrace From A Friend

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A warm embrace from a friend
is the best medicine you can give;
to feel really cared about
adds further reason to live.

Paul Holmes

Don't Want To Say Goodbye

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I look up to you,
and I see a ray of sunshine shining in on me.
I knew God sent me one of his angels
when he sent you to me.

Asha Cook

Quote About Being There For A Friend

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I'll be there when you're crying.
I'll be there when you're smiling. . .
I'll be there when you're happy.
I'll be there when you're down.

- Jasmin Aneta-Mirry Hathlhorn

31 - 40 of 131

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