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A Letter To A Young Addict From His Mother

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When you choose life,
your family will be here
to rebuild your shattered life
and help you to build your dreams.

Patricia Daly

Quote About Overcoming Addiction

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I will soar, laugh, and smile
I will go back to a time
Before you came
Knocking at my door.

Ashley Hyder

Quote About Being Content

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Whatever you do,
make sure you're content
For the last thing you want
is something to resent

Terry Gouveia

Quote About Dark Days Being Necessary

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Dark days are necessary,
just as important as the rest,
for if we didn't have the worst,
we couldn't recognize the best.



Secret Sorrows


Believe me, every heart has its secret sorrows,
which the world knows not,
and oftentimes we call a man cold,
when he is only sad.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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