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    Poems by Chloe Marling

  • She Can't Stop Cutting

    • Published: July 2011

    in STOP Cutting Poems

    The blood trickles down her arm,
    As she cuts a pretty picture.
    After is all done,
    She's sees the mess she's created....


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  • Addiction

    • Published: July 2011
    Addiction To Cutting

    in Emo Poems

    I felt to pain everyday,
    Seeing the scars on my wrist.
    No one understands me,
    My life is at risk....


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    I started cutting when I was 11. Now I'm 14 and can't control myself from not cutting. My friends hated when I cut, and I even promised them I won't, but I can't control it. They won't...

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