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    Poems by Katie Wiles

  • Why I Run

    • Published: August 2011

    in Sports Poems by Teens

    I run just because
    to feel my heart pump
    to know I exist
    to feel my hair whip around me...


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    I so much Love to run as well Kate it helps me yes also to remind me that I am real and I do exists and it some times gives me joy in my day when I don't have any and helps me to relax.


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  • My Soul

    • Published: June 2011

    in Spiritual Poems about Nature

    My soul is courage flying like a dove
    My soul is wisdom and knowledge
    bursting like a horse galloping
    My soul is understanding like a puppy...


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  • Fire Burning Inside Us

    • Published: August 2015
    Poem About The Light Inside Of Us

    in Poems about Life Struggles

    There is a light
    in each one of us.
    Burning with delight,
    it lays deep inside of us,


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    WOW beautiful!!! I'm thirteen and I feel the exact same way!!

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