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  • Everyone Lies

    • Published: December 2007
    Be There For Me Poem

    in Depression Poems by Teens

    you say your there for me
    but when I really open up to you , you just don't want to see
    you act like you care
    but when I have these thoughts and break downs I ring and your never there...

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    I was raped 7 times at the age of 3 by my step-sister. My brother and father are both dead. I've been abused, enslaved. I attempted suicide at least 13 times, now I helped the girl I love go...

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  • Total Discomfort

    • Published: January 2008

    in Fear Poems

    Mass destruction of the mind
    Total dysfunction of my hurt, hard to hide
    complete abduction from my heart, the happiness
    destruction, dysfunction, abduction, has left my heart with a vulnerable feeling

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