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    Poems by Sabrina Felix

  • Time To Realize

    • Published: December 2017
    Everything Happens For A Reason

    in Relationship Poems by Teens

    I used to have many regrets
    Living with all my mother's debts.

    I used to hate my past,


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    The window of your soul has so much story from the yore to tell. If I could only remove all the pain you've carried today, I would capture that thunders-of-pains and strike to the seven seas...

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  • All We Can Do Is Wait

    • Published: May 2011
    Mom Chose Drugs

    in Drug Abuse Poems

    You were never really there,
    And when you came around, all people did was stare,
    You chose drugs over us,
    At least you loved yourself, that's a plus....


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    I get what you mean when you say you blame her. Personally, I'm turning 14 in 3 days, and I just found out my mother is back in jail for meth, but she is still finding out ways to have kids....

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