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  • Meadow Early Morn

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    • Posted on 10/23/12

    in Beauty of Nature Poems

    The meadow is peaceful in early morn;
    Tis a place, where pleasant thoughts are born;
    Where, wonderful ideas are formed,
    The meadow, in the early morn....

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  • Friendship Limerick

    • Published: April 2014

    in Limericks

    If a person would have several friends,
    here's the thing upon which it depends;
    are you willing to share
    when there isn't much there


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  • Discreetly Bobbing

    • Published: October 2011
    Halloween Humor

    in Halloween Poems

    Bobbing for apples can make your heart race
    but bobbing for french fries can scar up your face.
    No matter what siblings and friends find delightful,
    On Halloween, things they suggest may be frightful...


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  • In Darkest Woods He Wandered

    • Published: October 2011

    in Halloween Poems

    In darkest woods he wandered,
    one moonless stormy night.
    The tree limbs made him shiver
    reaching out through lightning's light.


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    Great spooky writing! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love to read Halloween/supernatural writing year round.

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