Poetry by Debbie Leads

For all those who are suffering with depression
Votes: 426
Stories: (19)

Rating: 4.58

Published: Dec 2007
I wrote this poem after I became a Christian and felt that I had to deal with an abortion that I had as a teenager.
Votes: 291
Stories: (10)

Rating: 4.45

Published: Dec 2007
Donít take your mother for granted
Votes: 111
Stories: (6)

Rating: 4.4

Published: Dec 2007
We all have our questions about God. Here is one conversation with God
Votes: 70
Stories: (1)

Rating: 4.16

Published: Dec 2007
A wishful letter of what could have been
Votes: 24
Stories: (2)

Rating: 4.04

Published: Dec 2007

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