Family Poems

Family Poems

Just as the earth goes through seasons, so does a family in the course of time endure seasons. Marriage, falling in love, and the birth of a children are times of renewal like Spring. Long pleasant periods of calm that some families are blessed to have are like the feeling of an endless Summer. As we and our children grow older, our leaves start to change. We start to experience Autumn. This may seem like dying but it is really only signs of a new phase of life. The times of crises and hardship are times for the family to stay close together, help each other out and endure what are sometimes the frigid winds of change. This period is akin to Winter. Life is full of seasons and changes which are best experienced with the support of friends and family.

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Addiction Poems about Family


When an individual begins to abuse drugs, the whole family is affected. Depending on the severity of the addiction, they may begin to steal or borrow money from the family, act strange and spend days living on the street. The only thing that is important is how they will get their next high. There may be conflicts in the family about how to treat this individual. Some may continue to support him while others adopt a tough love strategy. It is difficult to know what to do, and heartbreaking to see an individual become a slave to a drug.

Angry Poems about Family


Memories of our family and childhood are what shape our personality and who we are. Whether we like it or not, our personality is formed by our parents, brothers, sisters, and the environment that we grew up in. For some interacting with their family feels like more bother than it is worth. They cut off ties with their families and make up pseudo families made up of chosen friends. This is OK as long as we realize that our past continues to affect who we are. We can only grow as people when we choose to confront our past. Only then can we move forward in our lives.

Father Poems


Dad's are often the most misunderstood part of the family unit. As a rule, men have trouble displaying their emotions. This is product of our society that believes that it is not macho to show emotions. Fathers may have been shamed into repressing their emotions and may pass this on to their children. On the other hand a father who can show his children that a real man is one who shows emotion is a great gift to his children. A father plays a huge role in his children's development. Hopefully, he will live up to the challenge of being the best Dad that he can be.

Home Poems


In western society many people feel that traditions are no longer needed. They say that they may have been necessary when we lived in small tribal communities and needed traditions to help form a cohesive group. The irony is that individuals in our society are likely to feel more isolated than ever before. Surrounded in a city with six million people may live the loneliest man in the world. With all of our technology to connect us, we see less human contact than ever before. Traditions that bring us together are needed more than ever.


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