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Poem of the Day For : 11/27/2015

Category: Family Poems
Subcategory: Missing You Poems

Votes: 21
Rating: 4.62

I wrote this for a friend. Her father went to fight in the war. I experienced losing him with her. She never got to say goodbye and she never wanted to, but someday they will be able to say hello.

Don't Ever Say Goodbye

© Madeline Matterson,

Don't ever say goodbye, even if you leave
I'll always be your little girl, pulling at your sleeve

Don't ever say goodbye if you're not coming back
It would only mean another load on my heavy rack

Don't ever say goodbye, but please realize
I'll always be your little girl, but now with tear filled eyes

Don't ever say goodbye, I can already sense when you're gone
But I'll always be your little girl waiting for a goodnight song

Don't ever say goodbye, or I'll wait day and night
Hoping that my Daddy won't die in the next fight

Don't ever say goodbye; I need your shoulder so strong
I want you to hold me forever, but now you're already gone

Don't ever say goodbye, even if you're letting go
I can't tell you not to die, but I wish it weren't so

Daddy, you've been gone too long, but you have to know
You may be dead, but don't say goodbye, 'cause another day we'll say hello

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