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Poem of the Day For : 11/25/2015

Category: Family Poems
Subcategory: Addiction Poems about Family

Votes: 88
Rating: 4.45

A lot of this poem stems from my experiences but not all of them. It was originally written for a project I had in school.

Your Life, Our Woes

© T. Hutchinson,

Your words seem slurred and jumbled
As if you're not making any sense
Eyes red like you're lacking sleep
And you always seem to be tense

Too bad you can't see yourself
When you're in such a state
Couldn't you ever come home sober?
For that day, I'll have to wait

Shattered dreams and a broken home
It's all you've ever given us
The good memories we've shared with you
Are replaced with the not so wondrous

A father you've never been to us
A husband my mother once knew
You've spent more time in bars than home
With us it's less than a few

What happened to our lives together
Why did you throw it all away?
We'd be there if only you'd say the word
But liquor can't comfort you till you're gray.

All our savings, every single dime
You've squandered away with ease
Spent on alcohol throughout the years
You couldn't stop even when we begged please

There were also the times of violence
When you would throw things around
Cursing us for no apparent reason
As if you picked us up from the dog pound

What did we do to deserve this treatment?
Our whole lives are filled with dread
If only you could feel what we did
You'd understand the words I've said

But now we've grown up, it's far too late
The damage is already done
I'll never regain lost childhood days
And who knows where my mother has gone

But you should be proud of my brother
He's turned out just like you
Alcohol seems to be his life now
To your legacy he stays true

I've learned from you in a different way
Alcohol is my sworn enemy
Sorry to say, I don't want to be like you
To me the most important thing is family.

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