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Poem of the Day For : 03/01/2015

Category: Family Poems
Subcategory: Father Poems

Votes: 36
Rating: 4.50

A son yearns for his father to finally be at peace. He wants his father to just relax and be happy.

The Power Of Love

©Erika N. Workman

The Power Of Love,

A heart so gentle
A heart so pure
A heart so broken
There seems to be no cure
He does all he can
For everyone else
It's his turn to be happy
A man so willing
A man so kind
A man so loving
With too much on his mind
He does all he can
For everyone else
It's his turn to be happy
So I dedicate to him
This poem and my life
In hopes he will soon
Be rid of all strife
He does all he can
For everyone else
Dad, it's your turn to be happy
I don't want you
To work two jobs
I don't want
To see you cry
I don't want you
To keep losing sleep
I'm scared you're going to die
Please stop worrying
There is no need to fear
I don't want all the finest things
I just want you here
I know this doesn't amount
To all you've done for me
But I hope after reading this
You will be able to see
How much your happiness
Means to me
I love you dad...
So be happy!

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