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Poem of the Day For : 04/28/2015

Category: Sad Love Poems
Subcategory: Lost Love Poems

Votes: 47
Rating: 4.49

Poem about a boy I fell in love with but he probably didn't even know I existed

Could Never Tell Him My Name


Could Never Tell Him My Name,

I fell in love with a boy
he had jet black hair
with eyes a startling green
and a smile so rare
that every time I saw him
all I did was dream
that we would be together
but all in vain it seemed
and it was, in vain
as I could never tell
that I loved him so much.
when near, his fragrance I smelled
I never spoke to him
I used to smile and stare
I never had the courage to say
I never dared
couldn't tell how I felt
although when friends mentioned him
my heart would melt
the fact was, I loved him
but he didn't even know my name
i just couldn't even tell him my name...

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