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Poem of the Day For : 03/28/2015

Category: Friendship Poems
Subcategory: True Friend Poems

Votes: 34
Rating: 4.50

I've lost people in my life because of suicide. The more i think about it, the more I think it's partially my fault for not being a good friend when they needed one.

A Friend Can Save A Life

┬ęPaige Bryant

A Friend Can Save A Life,

That girl's heart aches,
Her smile is fake.
The cuts sting,
Her phone rings.
She ignores
And thinks life's a bore.
But she doesn't know
There are people who care.
She doesn't know
That they've always been there.
She's tired of being joked at school,
She's tired of being called a fool.
She's ready to pull out the knife,
Ready to end her life.
There she sits alone crying,
Wondering about if she were dying.
"Would they even notice I was gone?"
"Or would they just carry on?"
As she lures the knife,
She hears a strange sound.
She hides the blade,
As her heart pounds.
She walks out the door,
There's her best friend,
Trying to get in.
As her friend cried, she heard her say,
"Thank God you're okay!"


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