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Poem of the Day For : 02/07/2016

Category: Life Poems
Subcategory: Hope Poems

Votes: 36
Rating: 4.44

This poem is about my struggle with depression and a hope, that I will be able to leave all the grief behind and find happiness in the days to come.

Tiny Shred Of Love

© Swetha Baskaran,

Floating, heart askew
In the dark deep tunnel of nothing
Claw with every cell of me
Reach out for anger greed sorrow
Not the alone gray empty
Tiny shred of light
I wait for, hope for
A delusion there to help
Hold my hand tighter
Around the severing rope
My only tie to the world
A better life, twinkle dust
Of joy, love, a home
No more tears, aching soul
For a touch to hold on
Until then hope for, wait for
The tiny shred of love.

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