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Poem of the Day For : 7/28/2014

Category: Life Poems
Subcategory: Hope Poems

Votes: 35
Rating: 4.49

I was abused as a child and now as an adult I still struggle with the hurt and never an acknowledgment from my abuser. My past keeps me in bondage and it's up to me to release the hurt and be able to move on.

Lost In The Past

© Jodi more by Jodi

Searching for something that may never be known,
mental disturbance turns a heart back to stone.

Create memories alone in your head,
holding you hostage as you lay in your bed.

Fits of despair have blinded your sight,
awaken to find you are losing the fight.

Rays of sunlight lead the way,
hurts from the past only keep you away.

Deception has caused your faith to stray,
simple gestures are life's way to say...

Release the burden that's wanted your stay,
crumble your thoughts and throw them away.

Discover a strength to start a new page,
no longer alone slipped from the cage.

Bruised and broken you now can see
a glimpse of hope that may set your free.

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