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Poem of the Day For : 10/09/2015

Category: Spiritual Poems
Subcategory: Poems about Spirituality

Votes: 23
Rating: 4.48

The Lord has been very good to me with many blessed filled day. I am a server and serve in any way that I can. God is good.

The Mercy And Strength

© Ralph Quinonez,

Lord, at times we come to you, our faith is not as strong.
But in your loving arms we fall; you show us that we belong.
You carry us when we think we can't go any longer.
The love you have can only grow stronger and stronger.
With you living in our daily lives, you are the living God we praise.
Thank you for the goodness and showing us along our way.
At times we want to lay it all down to you, and at your feet we fall.
You show us that there is a way and help us to give it our all.
You give us the faith to be stronger, even though we may not know.
The things that are not of you, you help us to let go.
You are my strength, my deliverer, the rock that makes me unbroken.
You lead me to be righteous with things I feel are all unspoken.
We pray for understanding, but sometimes we may stumble.
We look up to you for answers that our world may never crumble.
We know at that time you will be there to carry us through it all.
You are there to pick us up, even as we may fall.
Father, our ever living God, we ask you for your pardon,
For one day we will be with you, living in your heavenly garden.
Until then, Lord, thank you for all the many blessed filled days.
Keep us so loved and comfortable; we are at awe with you, just amazed.

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