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Poem of the Day For : 09/25/2016

Category: Family Poems
Subcategory: Addiction Poems about Family

Votes: 138
Rating: 4.58

When I was twelve years old I was addicted to meth. I did it every day until I was fifteen years old. My mother left me and my father died and I had no one. I only had drugs. I was 15 years old and checked into rehab at 5'9" and only 90 pounds. They told me that I was so close to dying and that they never saw that amount of meth in a child's body before. I wrote this describing my life on meth. This poem is a lot longer, but I couldn't fit all of it. I am now four years sober.

Words Of A Silent Killer

© Jessica Eck,

You think you have control
But I am the one who has it
You do not, not in the least bit
I make you cry because if I don't then people wonder why
You thought you were loved but now you're lost
I took over you mind and that was your cost
You are so blind; people have told you, but you didn't listen
Now I laugh because your eyes don't even glisten
I am the reason you cannot sleep
I am pain that hurts so bad
But you are in too deep
You never knew what you had you looked to see
Now you're the person you're not wanting to be
I am the reason why you can't love
Because you don't know what's up above
You love me and no one else
I took your life away
On that very first day
I still have control; I am your confession
You sold your soul to me
Which led you into deep depression
You'll never be free
Because you belong to me
I long for you to relapse
As I push you down until you collapse
I am the reason you can't look people in the eyes
Because I make you wear a disguise
I keep you locked in a cage
Which causes you to have a deep rage
I made you feel unaware, and I really don't care
I am all you fear
Which causes you all these tears
I am always right, so you think
I make you so scared you cannot blink
I took away all your trust
Made it so you could only lust
I don't care how you feel
Because, between you and me, you will never heal
I tear you down inside, which all you can do is deny
I knew you would come to me on the day of your birth
I took all you were ever worth
You think you are okay, but I have something to say
You thought you were bold
Now you're sitting here crying, wondering why I am so cold
I took you away from all your youth
I also made it so you could never tell the truth
I am the reason that causes you death
I sneak upon and take your last breath
Can you guess who I am?
I am Crystal Meth

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