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Poem of the Day For : 10/14/2015

Category: Spiritual Poems
Subcategory: Spiritual Poems about Death

Votes: 24
Rating: 4.54

The poem A Butterfly is dedicated to my Grandmother Eva, who has since passed over to Heaven. She is my inspiration. She was a person I could tell my secrets to, a person who would cheer me when I was sad, and help me up each time I fell. My Grandmother always looked to the positive in life, and although she now is on her journey into the afterlife, she still comforts me in spirit and in my dreams. I am never alone because my Grandmother is with me always. Love you, Grandma...

A Butterfly

© Silvia Burley,

A caterpillar walks in beauty
through the sunshine and the rain
leaving sweet memories
to ease away the pain

In time her image changes
and yet her soul remains the same
returning to the heavens
from that in which she came

A butterfly of beauty
dancing upon the reef
softly whispers to me
comforts me in grief

Do not cry for me
together we are one
my love for you shines brighter
than the ever glowing sun

Her beauty, the brightest colors
gentle touch of love
fluttering wings casting light
shining through the clouds above

A caterpillar walked in beauty
a gentle soul was she
alas, she is now a butterfly
yet she'll always be Grandma to me.

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