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Poem of the Day For : 12/19/2014

Category: Death Poems
Subcategory: Baby Death Poems

Votes: 24
Rating: 4.63

I wrote this poem for my nephew Jacob. He sadly passed away after living such a short life. The illness is still unexplained and makes it that much harder to get through these days without him. He has so many friends and family that love him more then our hearts could ever explain. He's with us forever!

Our Dearest Little Jacob

© Renee

Our dearest little Jacob
Who was so pure and so true
It's not at all right
What has happened to you

Where did you go
Why did you leave
You should have gone home
And been able to believe

We know you're okay
And know that you're happy
But It shouldn't be this way
It's just no way to be

Our dearest little Jacob
Whose hands were so small
You were so young
When you had left us all

You were one of a kind
And so easy to remember
You're never forgotten
And in our hearts forever

These days are so different
They're no way the same
It's now filled with sadness
So many tears and so much pain

Our dearest little Jacob
Who had only four short years
You touched so many hearts
In the time you spent here

You're looking down from above
With your new beautiful wings
But we miss you so much
And it's so hard to stop weeping

Take care of your mommy
Always be by her side
Give her sweet kisses
While she's sleeping at night

Our dearest little Jacob
You may no longer be here
But know we love you dearly
And we know you're always near

R.I.P. Jacob Allen 7/26/05-1/29/10 With us forever!

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