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Poem of the Day For : 09/02/2015

Category: Sad Love Poems
Subcategory: Goodbye Love Poems

Votes: 39
Rating: 4.46

This was written at what I thought was the end of my relationship. My guy has since pulled his head out of his ***. We still have some extremely difficult moments, but who doesn't when all of life's a learning experience? Hang in there may get better!


© Stephanie Wilda


the poor howls
audible pain
it thrashes around
trying to regain its feet
but it is broken
but a shadow of what it once was
painting all around it red with
its own impending doom
I don't know how it still lives
Tears burn my eyes as I realize
I will have to end its misery
because it howls too loud
and tries too hard
and hurts too much
as it dies in my chest
with every thought of you


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