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Poem of the Day For : 02/12/2016

Category: Sad Poems
Subcategory: Sickness Poems

Votes: 21
Rating: 4.57

I wrote this poem for my husband Frank. As he followed his childhood dream to become a professional boxer, we now have to live apart. Frank now resides in long term care and I see him as much as I can. This was to be our golden years, but the outcome was not as we planned.



Where did you come from,
you evil one?
I cannot remember
that tomorrow has come.

Why is my life such a haze?
I stare at the walls and long for happier days.
Friends and family gather 'round
to ensure that my feet are firm on the ground.

My room is so small, and there's nothing outside,
just empty streets and nowhere to hide.
Dementia, you have caught me and pinned me down,
and I cannot remember why I frown.

My wife will be here soon and we'll go for a walk,
but wait...
why are there tears in my eyes?

My body is tired and I must rest my head.
I will lay down on my bed.
My dreams will come to me crystal clear,
happy and joyous, with nothing to fear.

Dementia, tomorrow you will wake me like an alarm,
causing such grief and mental harm.
Oh, go away you evil one.
Let me live and remember the sun.

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