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Poem of the Day For : 11/29/2015

Category: Family Poems
Subcategory: Family Poems about Love

Votes: 34
Rating: 4.44

My momma always thinks I don't love her anymore ever since I moved in with my dad. For a while I believed she was fine, but as I grew older, I realize she's just putting on an act.

Mother Never Forgotten

© Morgan Johnson,

The little children scurry to play at a day so bliss
It was a moment truly missed
Dearest momma, please don't cry, it isn't the last you'll see them
She pulls out photos from the past
They won't forget, they won't cope, memories are always vast

What a rough day of play
Children smell only of perfume
Momma's covering her miserable smoke
Why must momma's distress resume?
Forgetting you is a cruel joke

Your nest will never betray
You're cracked up, just like an egg
It's not what you think, stop painting yourself gray
Momma please stop, I love you, don't make me beg

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