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Poem of the Day For : 03/04/2015

Category: Family Poems
Subcategory: Home Poems

Votes: 78
Rating: 4.49

One rarely realizes the gifts that surrounds them. Truly seeing, feeling the gentle spirits as they pass through our lives daily. Stop while you can and embrace that gift of beauty. It truly is a gift worth holding. My mother was such a gift to those whose hearts and spirits needed her healing energy of pure love.

A Rainbow's Beginning

©Laurie Tuttell

A Rainbow's Beginning,

"The phone's for you," I heard a voice say,
Why is my heart hurting?

"Your momma is gone"
"did she say where she was going"?
You're not,
she can't be......
she was going to live forever....

I, walking into the room,
did my heart just stop?

A blanket surrounds a form beneath its folds
I hear a soulful cry, was that mine?
"Don't cover her face, she can't breathe!"

Pulling back the covers,
I touch her face,
she looks so peaceful,

Holding her gently, like she used to do,
to comfort my fears and sorrows.
I never got to say goodbye, I keep hearing inside.
I never got to say I'm sorry,
I know I made you sad.
I never meant to hurt you,
The moment to say I love you, I thought would be tomorrow.
I'll see you tomorrow and we will talk.
I was angry because you thought more of others than yourself,
making sure that those that had none did not go without.
You always surrounded the lost souls with love and warmth,
giving the gift of hope to those who once believed had none.
Sadness, like an avalanche rolling over me,
trying to catch my breath...when looking up I saw a rainbow,
then there were two!
I felt you moving through my heart, caressing my spirit.
That gentle touch that only a mother possesses.
The sweet melody gently floating in the air,
"I am free and can do more where I am,
I couldn't do it there,
I will walk beside you when you need a friend,
and wipe away your tears."
I can now watch over your babies,
my three pride and joys.
Know I am there beside you.

A peaceful calm embraces me.
I see you smile,
your eyes bright with laughter,
singing your song of life and love.
Thank you for being in my life, Momma.
For giving me the gift of life and love.

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