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Poem of the Day For : 02/14/2016

Category: Family Poems
Subcategory: Daughter Poems

Votes: 23
Rating: 4.61

This poem is meant to reflect on the emotions that a woman (mother) feels when she watches her daughter blossom into an independent woman. It is such a process and encompasses so much angst and even pain at times as the love begins to mix with the hurt of letting go. My daughter is so much like me that I relate to her in a very strong way. There is so much empathy at times - it's hard to describe. I am so blessed to be able to view the world anew through her eyes.

My Beautiful College Girl

© Lydia Dillingham,

Love's force swells my heart
Until it feels tender and bruised.
I look at my daughter and see myself reflected in her face.
My bones, my flesh and blood run through her.

She loves me deeply, but she does not know
The longing of a mother's heart, the fierceness of this kind of love, the fears.
She will not know until she hears that wailing first cry of life
Borne from her own womb.

I watch her meander towards the gateway,
Where she nonchalantly steps in and out of childhood
And in and out of my life.
My arms long to pull her back.

She leaves again,
Stepping through, then rushing away,
Carrying my heart,
And each time, my silent tears flow heavy with nostalgia.

My soul's consolation
Is the fresh view of the world that I see through her eyes
And the feel of my blood pounding through her veins
As she picks up her pace.

I watch her and can taste my youth,
But it is only a taste,
For I cannot follow her there.
It is her path to run.

It is the most bittersweet thing I know,
This feeling of letting go.

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