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Poem of the Day For : 9/1/2014

Category: Family Poems
Subcategory: Aging Poems

Votes: 42
Rating: 4.57

I wrote this poem for my Mother, who passed away on Valentine's day 2010. Alzheimer's was part of our family for Ten years and I wanted my family to know that even though she had this horrible disease, it couldn't destroy her Love for us or our Love for her.

Long Goodbyes

© Lisa Hart more by Lisa Hart

Nancy Reagan once said: "Alzheimer's is just another word for a long goodbye" Doctor's told us that Alzheimer's is a horrible disease that strips you of your dignity and pride. Nurses told us that some go back to their childhood and some act like they're five. And we have all said: "We love her so much" but she has changed, she's just not the same.

You see the doctors were wrong, you could never take away our mother's dignity or pride. Did she loose her dignity by asking us to bathe her, dress her, love and care for her? I say no, because she did all those things and more for us.

The nurses were concerned about Mom going back to childhood. But if you could, how many of you would love to be Five again? To remember that Beautiful dress that Grandmother made just for you or to remember that little house that you grew up in or to maybe remember that special friend that you have missed for so long. So maybe being Five again, wasn't so bad after all.

We have all said or at least thought: She has changed, she's just not the same. But.. even with Alzheimer's Mom's Love never changed, Mom's love stayed the same.

So, maybe Nancy Reagan was right, Alzheimer's is a long goodbye. But I thank God for this extra time, time not to say goodbye, but time to Love and Honor her, as she did us.

So we say goodbye for now Mother, but only for a little while, for in Heaven there are no "Long Goodbye's", in Heaven there is only eternity.

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