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Poem of the Day For : 02/26/2017

Category: Life Poems
Subcategory: War Poems

Votes: 160
Rating: 4.49

I am a mother of three sons. My oldest son, Tim, is a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps. My biggest fear was that he would want to enlist in the military. I knew if he joined he would end up, sooner or later, overseas. He currently is stationed in Iraq. This poem is about him. I work with teenagers and young adults with physical and mental disabilities. These students teach me something every day. I love what I do, what I can offer these kids and what they have to offer me. This is my ninth year in this line of work.

My Son

© Theresa Kackley,

He stands tall
He stands proud
In a foreign country
Among a foreign crowd

He leaves his family
He leaves his home
To fight for our rights
A new land he'll roam

He agrees to sacrifice
For his Country and God
All that he knows
With barely a nod

He withstands the heat
Death and despair
So we may carry on
With little a care

His days are long
His responsibilities many
But when asked what he needs
He says "I don't need any"

To hear his voice
To see his face
Any time
Any place

These are times
I treasure most
Before he has
To return to his post

The quick hello
That all-knowing smile
This man before me
Going the extra mile

Counting the days
Until his return
Each and every hour
I wish to burn

My Love for him
From the very start
Filled every depth
Of my heart

He's one of the best
And second to none
He is a Marine

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