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Poem of the Day For : 10/24/2014

Category: Death Poems
Subcategory: Wife Death Poems

Votes: 30
Rating: 4.57

My Soul, Heart, and Life were taken from me September 6, 2013. I had been married 3 times prior, but this time I met my Soul Mate, my everything. We were the best of friends, the best of lovers. She was ill when we met, but I thought love could conquer anything. I rushed home to find my wife with only moments to live. Her little body was shutting down and I could not fix her.... She told me ALL the time I could fix anything and I was a true man.. I couldn't fix her and I failed.

My Bride

© Brad Higgins

When I had you I was afraid to die
Now that you're gone, death is my friend; he is by my side
If he takes me today I will go with a smile
Let others cope and heal for awhile
Selfish? Why yes I am that for sure
They are stronger than I, and this pain I can not endure
So death take me today, next month or year
Death I am ready, and you I do not fear.

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