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Poem of the Day For : 01/30/2015

Category: Death Poems
Subcategory: Dying Poems

Votes: 26
Rating: 4.62

I had a heart attack recently and earlier too I had a severe heart attack. I am 66 now and I am sure I will die very soon. I am from Sri Lanka but my little grandson who is 11/2 years old is in the UK and I was there with him till end of August. He is still in UK but I returned to Sri Lanka.

My Little One

┬ęPali Munasinghe

My Little One,

Doctor said,
I live only three months.
My little darling,
I helped you walk,
Holding your hand.
I found you berries,
In the nearby bushes.
I plucked you cherries,
Whenever you asked.
You were my friend and companion,
In a country abroad.
I wish you all,
That's good in life.
So my little one,
I say goodbye.

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