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Poem of the Week for: 09/03/2015 - 09/10/2015

Category: Spiritual Poems
Subcategory: Spiritual Poems about Death

Votes: 197
Rating: 4.68

I am prior military and my son is in the military. While my son was in combat they lost several soldiers. And I just thought that this might be something that a dying Hero might say.

The Last Letter

© James Clark Jr

The Last Letter,

A tear ran down her cheek
As she read the words he wrote
His dad sat at the table
With a lump in his throat
The letter was stained
With blood mixed with sand
It was a letter
From their son in a far off land
The letter said, Mom the pain I cannot stand
From the shrapnel that ripped though this young man
I feel the pain so badly
It makes me scream and cry
I know I will not see you
I know that I will die
So I just wanted to say
Before God calls me home
Don't worry about me anymore
No, I am not alone
I know that there will be days
That you both sit and cry
I know there will be days
That you wonder why
The reason is Mom
This is what I signed up to do
So that our country can stay free and true
Well, I will go now
Things are starting to fade
No, I am not alone, Mom, nor am I afraid
But before God calls me home there is something
I must say
I thought of you all each and every day
The medic, he is trying to keep me alive and ease my pain
But I must go now
It is time, God, he says so
I love you all and miss you
This is the last letter
The last one I have write.

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