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Poem of the Week for: 10/19/2014 - 10/25/2014

Category: Spiritual Poems
Subcategory: God Poems

Votes: 145
Rating: 4.52

I wrote this poem for someone special to me who is suffering with cancer. She is a member of my church. She has encouraged me and been an inspiration to me. This poem is dedicated to Annette Keenan.

God Is In Control

©La'shawna Howard

No matter what you have been told
God is in control
Yes, they came with a report one day
But God has the last say
Rest assured he is near
No need to fear

Hold on to Faith real tight
Know that everything is going to be alright
When God is in the midst
Defeat doesn't exist
You serve a God who can make a bird sing a beautiful melody
A God who can calm the sea
A God who holds your destiny
He is your healing spring
And in his hands he brings

and Joy

All just for you, because his love is everlasting and true

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