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Poem of the Week for: 01/31/2015 - 02/07/2015

Category: Teen Poems
Subcategory: STOP Teen Suicide Poems

Votes: 224
Rating: 4.69

I haven't been through half the things I describe in the poem I wrote, but I do know that lots of people do go through stuff like abuse, self harm, feeling unloved etc. I've been a cutter since I was 14 and it's hard to stop but then I think to myself about all the people who want to give their life away and realize I might not have it as bad as I thought. I write poetry like this so people know they're not alone and there are people in the world like them.


©Natalie Mervin


Do you wanna know her?
Do you wanna try?
Her life's a little complicated
Let me tell you why,
She feels unloved unwanted
She cries 6 times a day
Her heart is nearly broken
She's in a lot of pain
She cuts herself to feel
That's how she plays her games
She smiles at the blade
Like blood is summer rain

Do you still wanna know her?
Do you still wanna try?
Her life's still a little complicated
Let me tell you why,
Besides her scars from cutting
She's got bruises everywhere
Her mother tends to hit her
And doesn't even care
Her dads an alcoholic
He screams and yells and night
And when he's finally finished
He says she'll be alright

So are you scared to know her?
Are you scared to try?
Do you think her life's a little complicated?
If not let me tell you why,
She screams and cries for help
Maybe a way out
She's trapped in a world of hate
A world of lies and tears
She lies on her bed at night
And wonders "Why am I still here?"
And when she falls asleep
Nightmares haunt her dreams

So are you still scared to know her?
Are you still scared to try?
You think her life's complicated?
Too late that girl died,
They found her on her bed
Her throat slit every which way
They waved her death away
Like it was a everyday thing
She didn't deserve to die
She deserved to live
But I guess when you live in hell
Heaven always wins.

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