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Poem of the Week for: 12/14/2014 - 12/20/2014

Category: Family Poems
Subcategory: Hard Times Poems

Votes: 112
Rating: 4.53

Getting along with family is the hardest thing to do.


©LaRay A. Silz

Why do you keep going on like everything's okay?
Treating me the way you do like it's a normal day.
I am confused of who you are, and who I am to you,
I'm scared that you will never know who I have grown into.
I can't explain the reasons why you hate me now and then,
And why you've never let me live my life as just your friend.
The chances are forbidden that I ever could be right,
'Cause I'm always wrong in your eyes, you change like day & night.
And when you say those evil lies, my heart would start to melt,
It hurts that you have never cared or listened to how I felt.
I wish that dad could just come home and make it all okay,
But since he can't, it should be you, but you are not that way.
I love you mom, I always have, but I cannot pretend,
That you haven't scarred my soul from a pain I cannot mend.
But throughout all this chaos I have learned a valuable lesson,
That even if you know you're wrong, you'll never give confession.
So now I have a dream that I will have kids of my own,
Just so I can show them a love that you have never shown.
Instead you showed me hate that I know I cannot forget,
So I will show my kids a love that I will not regret.

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