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  • By Yerzinia
  • Published: April 2009

in Abuse Poems

Hush Little Sister

Hush, little sister
Please don't cry
I wish I could be there
To sing you a lullaby...

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This poem was so touching. I also suffered from around 3 to 10. I am now 11 and I can't say how relieved I am to be away from my father. I live with my mum and my little brother who is only...

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Mother Explains Heaven To Her Dying Son
  • By Pamela A. Snow
  • Published: February 2006

in Prayer Poems

To Our Ellis

How does a loving mother, explain
Heaven to her dying child?
Please give me the words, O Lord, and
let me say them with a smile......

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This poem touched my heart and is very beautifully written! I too lost my only son to brain cancer. Isaiah was 24 years old, healthy, smart, kindhearted, loving and my whole world. On...

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Poem About Only Being Able To Take So Much
  • By Kara
  • Published: August 9, 2014

in Abuse Poems by Teens

Only Human

Blood paints itself on my body
I am only a canvas
Hidden from the rest of the world
My painter is a shy man...

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Whispers From Heaven

in Niece Poems

Waiting For Daddy

Daddy can you feel me
Do you know I'm near
I wished that I could be with you
To wipe away your tears...

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Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts and words which brought me great comfort. I lost my 25 year old son, 3 years ago. He was an only child and I can't begin to explain the empty...

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  • By Emily
  • Published: August 2010

in Depression Poems by Teens

Nobody Knows

Nobody knows how different I am
The outside of me is not afraid
Not full of pain, or even ashamed
I smile and all of those ignorant fools believe...

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This poem describes how I've felt for a long time.

  • By Coran Darling
  • Published: July 2011

in STOP Teen Suicide Poems

Scarlet Tears

Fires ablaze within my eyes,
A smile concealing all my lies,
Screaming, begging, calling out,
A final, frantic, desperate, shout....

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That poem was truly inspiring. I myself have went through that awful stage and believe me that poem brought tears to my eyes. The memories it left was unbelievable. I could imagine it all so...

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  • By Jonathan Davis
  • Published: July 2010

in Faith Poems by Teens

Suicidal Thoughts

I'm trapped in a box with no intentions to survive
Praying.... asking God why am I still alive
I go to sleep each night knowing everything I say is a lie
Knowing that is enough for me to breakdown and cry...

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This was absolutely beautiful and so very heartfelt....emotional. I've been where you've been. Not many understand, I'm glad you found the new you and I pray you continue to write. Your words...

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Child Dies Of Cancer Poem
  • By Kristie
  • Published: May 2008

in Cancer Poems

5 Years Old

What would you do
in 5 short years?
Would you make them the most
or hide from your fears? ...

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My best friends sister started limping for 9 weeks so we took her to a check up and they said she's fine but really she was really ill that she died a few days after they said that and she...

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