Poetry by S Raine

SadAddiction PoemsIcy Hell

Looking forward with fear I stare.
I face the mirror to see there.
I've lost my family, my friends are few.
You've controlled my life but now I'm through.
I'm finally strong enough to …

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FamilyDivorce PoemsGood Bye Note

I never thought this day would come.
I truly thought you were the one.
We use to laugh and talk all night.
Now we argue, fuss, and fight.
All is wrong in things I do.
To take the …

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SadAbuse PoemsChild Hear Me

I know you can hear me,
I'm why you cry every tear.
Please don't ignore me,
Its time to face your fear.
You locked me away thinking it'll stop all the pain.
You've kept me a secret …

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