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7/20/2014 - 7/26/2014

Category: Spiritual Poems
Subcategory: Prayer Poems

Votes: 130
Rating: 4.41

A letter to the One above who watches over us with so much love.

Father It's Me

©Ellis T. Hays

Father it's me that dwell in a place of
despair and with little hope.
Father it's me that my children cry out
for help and love.
Father it's me in the middle of a
raging and unforgiving storm.
Father it's me that has been wrapped in
love some many times, perhaps many times
Father it's me that has fallen from the
broken and battered sidewalk.
Father it's me that you have graced and
shielded from a world of sin.
Father it's me that gave up and almost
Father it's me that you gave directions
to clear both my heart and mind.
Father it's me that blessed and shelter-
ed from the wolf dens of life.
Father it's me that you walked with me and my love ones in the many roaring storms of sadness.
Father it's me that you gave a song, and
it is I that must teach my children to
Father it's me that must journey near
and far in trust and with love that you
will never leave my side.
Father it's me because of you, as I must
glorify thy name. Father remember it's
me that you made and keep to task and
on course. Amen and amen.

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