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Looking for a place to post your most popular poem? We present you with two different options.

  1. FFP Poetry Forums - Post your poetry on our Forums and receive immediate feedback, from a supportive and very special group of poetry lovers.
  2. Submit your poem here. Do not submit a poem before reading this list!
    • Family Friend Poems is a showcase for popular contemporary poetry. We publish only the poems our visitors will love.
    • There is a long waiting period for new poetry to be reviewed, the average wait is 6 Months.
    • Poems are first reviewed on our review page by 10 visitors. Our editor then reviews every poem, paying special attention to poems with a 4 star rating or higher. If your poems is selected to be published on our website, you will be notified by email.
    • We do not publish poems which are already posted on the Internet, including poems posted on our Forums
    • You may submit only 1 poem every 30 days
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  • You must be the Author of poems you submit here. Do not submit poems that are not yours. It is a violation of Copyright Law.
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  • Spell Check your poem before you submit it.
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  • There is no need to repeat the poem title or your name within the Poem.

Your poem, if published, will be read by thousands of our visitors.
The story behind your poem is you. We want to know this story.
It will make your poem so much more meaningful.
The better your description, the more people will read your poem.

The Page Title is a one sentence summary of your poem starting with the words "Poem About..." (Between 25 - 75 Characters)
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