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Prayer Asking To Be Taught By God
  • Published: April 2015

in Prayer Poems

Teach Me, Lord

Teach me, Lord,
What I don't know
Show me which way
And where to go

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Your poem is beautiful, Heather. You ask for what we need the most in order to be able to live for our Lord. We certainly need his guidance so we can be faithful, obedient, show grace and...

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Poem About Valuing Each Moment Of Life.
  • pending
  • Posted on 05/28/14

in Life Lesson Poems


What would your last words be
If you had one minute left to live
Would you spill a long-held secret
Or finally forgiveness give...

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  • Posted on 07/05/12

in Loss of a Friend Poems

Until We Meet Again

So short your time
here with us
It's selfish to want you back
but we miss you so much...

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Overcoming Fear To Soar To New Heights
  • Published: December 2012

in Faith Poems

God's Flight

On the ground sits a bird
That's too afraid to fly.
Beautiful wings could make it soar,
But the pain of past failure is its lonesome cry.

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This poem really inspires me. I've read it countless times and each time I read it, it feels like I'm reading it for the first time. The inspiration it brings, beside it being a full...

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