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Poem of the DayTo Mommy, Thank You! Love Jared
by Mark Krukonis
Family Friend Poems

Category:  Holiday Poems
Subcategory: Mothers Day Poems

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My name is Mark Krukonis, I am 38 yrs old I live in Massachusetts. My first born son Jared was born in 2001 and was the inspiration for this poem. It was our first Christmas and I had no money for extravagant gifts for my wife. So I made a photo album of all of our 1st year baby photos and on the inside cover of the album was this poem. That was her gift. If you enjoyed this poem, I would love to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It was written from the view of newborn that couldn't express his own feelings in words, so I did it for him. Good luck.

To Mommy, Thank You! Love Jared

©Mark Krukonis

To Mommy, Thank You! Love Jared

Before I was born
you kept me in love.
I came to this world
I thank God above.

I'm healthy and growing
on you I demand.
I'll roll over then crawl
and eventually stand.

If I could tell you
what's deep in my heart.
There are so many things
where do I start?

First, to thank you
for being my mommy.
You called me "Baby J"
way back in your tummy.

When I could see
and finally focus like new.
The first face I saw
was beautiful....You.

A bunch of my favorites
for you now I will list.
It starts with "Good Morning"
It ends with a kiss.

With all of our moments
together we share
From meals to tubtime
at night, upstairs, alone in our chair.

I thank you for story time
goodnight moon is the best.
And then you let me drift off
fast asleep on your chest.

When morning arrives
I'm eager to wake.
I let you know that it's time
by noises I make.

When mommy comes in
to start our day
I'll flash her a smile
in my own cute way.

From here we play
we sing and we dance
She gives kisses and hugs
if I give her a chance.

Thank you Mommy
Merry Christmas today
To mommy with Love
signed little baby J.

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