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Poem of the Day For : 9/6/2012

Category: Love Poems
Subcategory: Sweet Love Poems

Votes: 94
Rating: 4.24

I attend Overbrook school for the blind. I am visually impaired and I love to write.

Mr. Right

© Amiah Mosley

Mr. Right..:
By miah,
Tall and sexy with a face to die for
Just makes me want you more and more
I smile at you cause you look so good
I wanted to faint right where I stood
Your Mr. Right and this I can tell
I wanted to scream at your wonderful smell
You said excuse me miss can I talk to you
I said no problem I don't mind if you do
I saw you over here and thought I'd say hi
I said I apologize I'm just a little shy
You said don't worry but there's mo need to be
I just gotta know if your even feelin me
Yeah I gotta admit you did catch my eye
I'm just wondering if you're my kind of guy
You need a guy like me around for protection
I'm telling you now I'm not looking for perfection
You said perfection is what no one can be
I wonder are you enjoying your conversation with me
You smiled and said most definitely
I said I'm impressed and I like what I see
So who's the lucky man that's blessed to be with you
No one yet my ex and I are through
Why would anyone let you go
I ask that too but I just don't know
Well I'm hoping to find miss right
Someone I can come home to at night
I hear what you are saying I feel the same
You said by the way I didn't catch your name
The conversation was broke by the ring of my phone
I'm sorry can I have a minute alone
You gave me your number and said use it some time
So I said would it be cool if I give you mine

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