Grief Poems

A family is like a body. When a family loses a loved one, it is as if they have lost one of their limbs. The contribution that was made by the family member that was lost can never be replaced. That person is gone. What that person has brought to the family is gone. Is it important for the family to take time to grieve for this loss. Doing so is a matter of respect for the relative that has passed. It is also a step that the family must take to acknowledge its loss. If we do not take the time to honor the lost relative, it is as if we are saying that they didn't matter to us.

Poems about Death and Grief

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Lung Cancer Poem, Missing Mama
I awake each morning to start a new day
But the pain of loosing you never goes away.
I go about the things I have to do
And as the hours pass I think again of you.
I want to call you and ..........
Votes: 960,  Rating: 4.65 , 81 Stories
Poem For A Parent Who Has Lost A Child, Sometimes
By Colleen Ranney
Sometimes I catch a glimpse,
In softened waves of blue
My child, my heart …when I see a smile
I can’t help but think of you

Sometimes these waves fill oceans.
And feelings string ..........
Votes: 77,  Rating: 4.56 , 8 Stories
This Basket Of Burdens
By Debbie
My Basket of burdens
Is filled with the grief of my loss
It is so heavy to carry
Although this road I must cross.

This pathway through life
Feels unbearable at times
And I ..........
Votes: 175,  Rating: 4.55 , 6 Stories
Seasons Of Grief
Shall I wither and fall like an autumn leaf,
From this deep sorrow – from this painful grief?
How can I go on or find a way to be strong?
Will I ever again enjoy life’s sweet ..........
Votes: 60,  Rating: 4.55 , 1 Story
One Year Less
There is no word, no label, no identifying moniker,
I am not a widow, not an orphan, not childless,
But one child less.
One less open laugh and little boy giggle,
One less challenging ..........
Votes: 56,  Rating: 4.54
How We Survive
By Mark Rickerby
If we are fortunate,
we are given a warning.

If not,
there is only the sudden horror,
the wrench of being torn apart;
of being reminded
that nothing is permanent,
not even ..........
Votes: 332,  Rating: 4.52 , 20 Stories
I'm So Alone After Mom Died
By Theola
I’m so alone, it’s so dark…..
When is the sun going to shine again?

The sky is dark, my world is grey….
When are the flowers going to bloom and make this hurt go away?

My mommy ..........
Votes: 80,  Rating: 4.51 , 8 Stories
My Mask
By Ellie
Every morning I wake up and put on a mask,
the mask makes everything seem alright,
But they don''t know I cry at night,
The nightmares just wont go away
If only I knew it was your last ..........
Votes: 71,  Rating: 4.51
A Lost Family Tree
By Moneisha S. Madden
Sometimes I crawl
Into my skin
To lose myself
From the world
Disconnect myself from my family tree
Searching the mean streets
For a mother's intuition
Going home to a ..........
Votes: 63,  Rating: 4.51 , 2 Stories
My Sorrow
By Karina Herrera
Life is dead without you.
Feel an empty hole inside.
Can’t be me with you not near.
With a frown I cry.

Tears run down my face.
Needles go through my ..........
Votes: 37,  Rating: 4.51 , 1 Story
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