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Poem About God Being Aware of Us

I enjoy writing about God and sharing whatever he has allowed me to learn about him. I have found that although sometimes God seems far away, he is always very near. Because he breathed into man the breath of life, he is in our very breath.

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Published on April 2011

He's Only A Breath Away!

When I feel far from God,
There's a special thing that I do;
I take a very deep breath!
He gave it also to you.

The breath that we breathe so easily,
It came from God above.
It's a divine connection,
To the one that we love.

His offspring we are, and,
It is Him from whence we came.
He gave us our lives,
And He knows us by name.

He's aware of our conditions,
Having numbered our head of hairs.
God is not far from us;
God is near and He cares.

Breathing into man the breath of life,
Man became a living soul!
Reach to Him, He reaches back!
He wants to make us whole.

So when you are feeling far from God,
And are having a lonesome day,
Take a deep breath and remind yourself,
"God is only a breath away!
He's only a breath away!"


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