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Religion is the act of attempting to map out a path to achieving consistent spiritual goals. Unfortunately, religion has sometimes fall into the hands of some wacky people. If someone comes to you and professes to be able to solve your problems by some religious or spiritual path, beware! Life will always be difficult. There is no one that can wrap you in cocoon of religion and save you from all negativity. Religion has been used for good and evil throughout history. Make sure you're on the right side.

Poetry on Religion

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By Timmy Thomas
Through this life I am continually fleeing
Trying to escape without anyone seeing
A day here and a night there, no matter where I go
I continue to feel the conviction grow
Why am I ..........
Votes: 23,  Rating: 4.39 , 1 Story
It Came From Above
Looking around and longing for love,
The love that I want, is from the lord up above.
He is my strength and all that I need,
The love of a lifetime, We will all surely agree.
He inspires ..........
Votes: 26,  Rating: 4.38
Waking Up
Dressed in blood praying to the Lord,
Killing for pleasure feeling no remorse,
Religions misinterpreted, the Books wrongly read,
Instead of spreading knowledge its hatred that is ..........
Votes: 111,  Rating: 4.36
When You Have God You Have Everything
By Leiby Acosta
today I'm counting on a new beginning
with a reason for living with a deeper meaning
because god has blessed me with many good things
I have been through a lot
but with god's help I ..........
Votes: 45,  Rating: 4.36 , 1 Story
I Ask God The Question, Why?
By Emma I. Hughes-Jolley
I watch the sun rise in the sky
I ask God the question, Why?
Why is there hatred in the world?
Why are there starving boys and girls?
Why is there addiction everywhere?
Why are there ..........
Votes: 80,  Rating: 4.35
Looking Beyond Yourself, Ye Did It Unto The Least Of These
By Danita Pergerson
We're in a world so busy
People running everywhere.
Forever looking at our watches
Our minds racing with cares.

We never see that lonely man
Sitting on the street.
We don't even ..........
Votes: 128,  Rating: 4.31
Thank You Lord
I wish to thank you Lord
For allowing me to be a mother
I accept these precious gifts you've bestowed upon me wholeheartedly
I pledge to raise these miracles to reflect your light
I ..........
Votes: 48,  Rating: 4.31
Only You
By Magaly Quezada
I only want to worship you
because you're the creator
of this world,
the one who gave me life,
and the one who colored my world.
I only want to lift your name up high ..........
Votes: 43,  Rating: 4.28
God's Will
Once upon a time many years ago,
an angel was sent to the earth to let all God's people know,
that love and only love is the key to all life's sorrows,
opening doors once closed, promising ..........
Votes: 30,  Rating: 4.27 , 1 Story
Beautiful Love And Friendship
_________ is a holiday that is so very fine,
When we share something so beautifully divine,
A love that is stronger, then a love,
From a mare to her foal,
A love that whitens our ..........
Votes: 29,  Rating: 4.24
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Religious Poems 1-10 of 16    
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