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I'm a young writer. Usually I'm not into poetry, but long stories- chapter books. I love to read, and its probably the only subject I like (I DO also like English/language). This poem in particular, I wrote when I was predicting what middle school/junior high would be like (in 5th grade). Am I good? Comment, please.

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I didn't like it at all but good try ?

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Published on December 2010

Middle School Horror

Middle school, middle school,
I'm too cool!
The teachers, the teachers,
the teachers are creatures!
My lunch, my lunch,
MOLDY- don't touch!
Homework, homework,
it's no wonder we're lower...
lower than what...?
Middle school horror!!!


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  • by Anonymous
  • 1 year ago

I didn't like it at all but good try ?


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