Divorce Poem

After My Parents Divorce

A poem written by a daughter after her parents divorce. She mourns the life that she had, but is also excited about her new life with two families, and her parents' freedom to pursue their dreams.

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This is a very beautiful poem....I wish I could feel in this way. My parents got divorced when …

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© Kayla K. Eikermann

Published: Feb 2006

My Life

This is my life:

My parents are split up
I can't believe that they gave up

My life isn't the same
It is different and plain

This is so different than the life we had together
I thought that we would last forever

Instead of feeling crabby
Now I am happy

Now their lives just begun
I wonder what their lives are going to become

But now I have two families and that is cool,
Compared to a lot of my Friends at my school

So, I am not the only one who feels this way
So, I just wanted to say

No matter what they support me, and they love me
I just want them to be very happy

This is my life and I am very glad
This is the life with my mom and dad

By:Kayla Eikermann


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  • by Saba,Pakistan
  • Jul 2011

This is a very beautiful poem....I wish I could feel in this way. My parents got divorced when I was 4 years old, after that both of them got married and have their own families without thinking for me....there is no place for me in their families......................


  • by Jeremey, Spokane,Wa
  • Mar 2011

My wife and I are getting a divorce after only a year and a half. Aubree, our daughter will be one in less than two weeks.
my dad left us before I was even born and I hated growing up without a dad. I have always sworn that this fate will not weigh on my children.
this poem is what I hope Bree will feel


  • by Wanda, NYC
  • Jul 2010

This is such a beautiful poem......Sometimes we as parents stay together for the kids even when we are out of love but the kids rather see us divorced and happy than having a miserable marriage


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