Snow Poem

Hi. I'm Sam. I am 12 years old. I choose to write about this poem because I wanted a snow day. I wrote about all the stuff I would do like sledding or drinking hot chocolate. The funny thing is the next day we actually got a snow day and I got to do all the things I mentioned in my poem.

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Snow Day

© Sam D

Published on January 2009

Snow is falling to the ground
Piling up in enormous mounds
School is cancelled for the day
Children run outside to play

Snowballs are thrown in the air
No one has any care
About school-only fun
Because the day is a snowy one

Snowmen are stacked very high
Their top hats almost skim the sky
To make them round they must pat
Then finish off with mittens and hat

As the weather gets cold
The children are told
To come inside and eat
Hot chocolate with a couple treats

Once the kids are done
They put on their gear for some more fun
Some of them play around
While other kids just lay on the ground

Another kid makes snow angels
Until the dog named Bojangles
Ran through his masterpiece
But then the owner yelled cease

After Bojangles
Ruined all the snow angels
Kids slid down the hill
'Til they were bitten by a chill

Almost over is the day
The children start to walk away
As snow falls, so does the sun
Time to go in, the day is done


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