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Husband In Prison
  • Published: December 2007

in Prison Poems

The Forgotten Victim


A person's comment:

"That's her there! Her hubby's inside!"
"How can she stand by him?" a neighbor cried!

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Hi, my husband is in jail. He got in trouble on March 3. He's a good guy. I love him to death. We are young. I'm 24, he's 26. We have a beautiful baby girl, 3 years old. Long story short, he...

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How To Tell A Child His Dad Is In Prison Poem
  • Published: December 2007

in Prison Poems

Daddy's Gone

How do you sit down and talk to your son
and tell him that his Daddy has gone?
It's easier explaining the meaning of death
and why people die and draw their last breath.

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I lost my parents 26 days apart back in February and March of 2013. I think of them both 5, 10, 50 times a day still. I want them back as well, so I know what you are going through. I feel...

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Mom in Prison Poem
  • Published: October 2007

in Prison Poems

Dear Santa

Me and Mum would always write
dear Santa Claus a note,
but this year Mum won't be around
so this is what I wrote:...

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While reading this, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Only 1 difference-since Santa can't bring my husband home, I have asked that he take me to heaven to be with him! Even though distance...

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