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One of those things when someone breaks your heart and you have to accept and move on. It is hard but possible.

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I went out with this guy, he was my life until he cheated on me with his …

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Published: Aug 2008

Accepting Heartache

I used to know you
I used to care for you
Even though you weren't true
I saw something in you
That made me to want to stay.

It was a learning curve
Because your mistakes, your heartache
Gave me a breakthrough
To escape the misery you put me through.

What you did
Made me doubt my believes
In something I thought was so great
But even so, I know the hole you dug inside my heart
Is slowly but surely closing up

They say what don't kill you makes you strong
I say I know what you did was wrong
When I look at my life I realize
Experience is the best teacher
I found strength in my weakness.

I've done enough crying caused by your deceit and lying
It took me a while I aint going to lie
But now that I have accepted and accommodated your untrueness
And learned to take a step forward without feeling any weakness

I have my life ahead of me
Even though sometimes it feels like I can't go on
I know accepting what you did and forgiving you
Was what I had to do to make my life right.


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  • by Stacy Bernal, Quanah Texas
  • Dec 2009

I went out with this guy, he was my life until he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend. He was everything to me, even told me that I was the one. I broke down, and stopped caring about life. But then I realized that everytime someone breaks my heart, look at them with a smile and say this was all a learning process.


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