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Can't Stop Going Back To Him
By Marissa
He gets her every time.
Those blue eyes hypnotize
She believes every lie
That he's ever told her
His touch she can't resist
And with just one kiss
He pulls her back in
She can't ..........
Votes: 53,  Rating: 4.3
The One-Sided Affair
By Devon
I loved her eyes, I loved her hair,
I loved her looks, I lover her stare.
I loved her attitude so full of delight.
I loved her mind so quick and so bright.

I loved her look when she ..........
Votes: 21,  Rating: 4.29
Lost Love
The most amazing moment was when we met
The love and time I have shared with you
have all been; without regret...

In spite of our love...
I am painfully aware
That you are gone, ..........
Votes: 249,  Rating: 4.26 , 2 Stories
Ashes In My Eyes
By Aprille Ruth Sidro
When the sun starts to fade
No I won't give in, cause your
face still remains
and your soul is in beneath my skin.

Your body is next to mine,
yet your heart was
never mine, it ..........
Votes: 34,  Rating: 4.26 , 1 Story
You Taught Me To Let Go....
By Ashley Fields
used to listen, when you said you would always be there.
I sit and think about all the times we had together, and how I thought I
used to love you, when you used to care.
I'd last through ..........
Votes: 162,  Rating: 4.23 , 4 Stories
By Kieno
Your words begin to mean nothing to me,
You continue to lie under your breathe.
Had me convinced that you were different,
Yet here I am, with a broken trust.

My heart torn out from ..........
Votes: 101,  Rating: 4.23
Why It Has To Be You?
Sitting alone and silently
I recall a special part of my life
That part came unexpectedly
And lasted only for a while.

My life has been quiet and peaceful
Until that unforgettable ..........
Votes: 62,  Rating: 4.19 , 1 Story
He's Gone
By Ariana Cabrera
He's gone
The one I love
The one I admire
Who puts my hopes to fire
My hero, the one who sets my heart in desire
He guided me
He pushed me to achieve
But after all this he ..........
Votes: 30,  Rating: 4.17
Unconditional Love
By Monetlicia Blanks
For years I was your lustful toy, emotionally, physically- battered and torn,
No hope for a heart whose path was less treaded by love, one whose path was brutally worn,
I've seen with my eyes I ..........
Votes: 43,  Rating: 4.16
Relationship Made Of Glass, I Love You
By Karissa L. Bailey
The intentions are real
But the truth is untold
Patiently awaiting the lies to unfold
Her heart shatters with the thought of his touch
How could she let him control her this much
She ..........
Votes: 48,  Rating: 4.15
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