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I love writing short poems and music. This particular poem was written in mind of a friend who talks to me about his life and the changes he has gone through due to his new and powerful religion. To this man, Christianity is a real walk with Christ and should be taken more serious than many Christians do in today's society. As this poem shows, a man cannot live a truly happy life without recognizing his emptiness that can only be filled by Christ alone.

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God is my everything also. He brings me through each day. I believe that …

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© Timmy Thomas

Published: Apr 2011


Through this life I am continually fleeing
Trying to escape without anyone seeing
A day here and a night there, no matter where I go
I continue to feel the conviction grow
Why am I running when there is no place to hide?
For I have seen that no matter where I go, He sees me with His condemning eyes
I am becoming weak and at my lowest point, yet I continue running and trying to flee
Feeling more and more convicted of the sin within me
And why am I feeling such in-depth pain?
It is because I fooled myself into thinking "I" could make it all go away
Only was it then when I saw how lost I was
Did I see that with those condemning eyes came His redeeming love
I realized that only through Him was there life
And only through His Son could I win the fight
I accepted Him as my Savior that day
Willingly becoming a sheep that He, the Great Shepherd, would not let stray
There are still times in which I fail
But due to my new life in Him, I will prevail
For no matter what I face throughout this life
As long as I trust Him, He'll carry me through the strife
Giving all of my dependency to Him that day
Changed my life forever, and with Him I'll ever stay.


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  • by Esther Keehn, East Earl, PA
  • 11/15/2013

God is my everything also. He brings me through each day. I believe that He is the only One who can help me make it in this world. Nowadays, the world is so dark. But when I remember that He is holding my hand, and I am His precious daughter, that gives me such peace.
Even though it is not always easy, I am convinced that I am living the best life possible to live. God makes me so happy and gives me such peace and contentment: I truly couldn't wish for anything more. If you are sad and feel alone in this big world, you can also turn to Him. It doesn't matter what you've done, or haven't done. Just run to him! You will never regret it. And if you are a Christian who has back slidden and think that it doesn't work for you, run to God and give Him one more try. But this time, totally put yourself into it, and go all out for him. If you have sinned, don't despair, but repent. God will receive you with open arms!


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