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I wrote this poem because in my life I've made mistakes along the way. God gives us free will, however we don't always make the right choices. As I've become older I have a much closer relationship with the lord. I strive to do his will each and every day. I am blessed with a beautiful family and a wonderful life. God bless all and may you put your life in his hands and do his will.

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I am 67 years old and never knew my God until I met my wife eleven years …

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Published: Dec 2011

God's Will

Once upon a time many years ago,
an angel was sent to the earth to let all God's people know,
that love and only love is the key to all life's sorrows,
opening doors once closed, promising brighter tomorrows.
The angel traveled the globe to spread the wonderful news,
but people wouldn't listen and the angel was confused.
In the heavenly land she came from this message was quite clear,
there is no sadness there, anger, pain or fear.
All of this is promised to those who do believe, a savior who is Christ the Lord
shed his blood to set us free.
When the angel went back up to heaven to tell God we didn't listen,
she noticed on her back her tiny wings were missing.
She cried "Oh heavenly father I did my very best, but people on earth have their free will
I sadly must confess."
Only moments later from her shoulders hung with love
were wings of solid gold, a gift from God above.
God knew his little angel did all that she could do,
to show the world what matters most, this rest is up to you.

It's our free will that will cause us to stumble, but if we do God's will we shall fly!


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  • by Raymond Layland
  • 9/9/2013

I am 67 years old and never knew my God until I met my wife eleven years ago. We courted for seven years long distance. I was in California and she lived in Texas. I was in awe that I could meet a women that was so similar to me. I am a simple man who worked 40 years tending the earth. I asked how did I find such a perfect partner.....I had to acknowledge God and his guidance.


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