Cheating Poem

Hard To Let Go

It is the most difficult time to understand why you get cheated on... no matter how hard it can get just remember that if a person cheats on you it's because there is no respect or love. Don't lie to yourself a cheater does not love you... be strong

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Published: Dec 2008

Hard To Let Go...

Where do we go from here?
I can't believe that you are not near..
You're the cause of my every tear,
loosing you was my every fear....

The remarkable feeling of your touch,
the blessed feeling of your love,
The thought of believing you,
the things we have been through,
all my cherished memories have vanished...

I was wrong to trust you,
I was wrong to believe when you said
that I was your dreams for your future...

Was she worth loosing me?
How blind could you be?
Your desire was to deceive me,
to degrade my love that I gave you...

Look deep inside your soul,
I was the one who remained by your side,
In return all you did was lied...

I was never prepared for you too cheat me out...
Now as I lay here alone
I realize that you're gone forever
Forgetting you will be never..


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