Betrayal Poem

Poem About Trust Issues

I wrote this poem for a certain person that seemed to be having trust issues with me. He says he trusts me with all his heart but yet his actions shows he doesn't

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August 2008

I Have Learned...

I have learned...
That trust is a powerful thing
You have no idea what it may bring
It can sting your heart
and tear apart your soul
Or it can warm your heart
and enlighten your soul

I have learned...
That trust is hard to discover
It is buried deep down under
People say it is east to gain trust
I agree with them in a way
For them I have lost all trust
I have decided to go my own way

I have learned...
That trust means to lust
and lust is a must
Sometimes it can be an illusion
but it is something you can not deny
Therefore I have come to this conclusion
Trust everyone, but not the devil inside


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