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Poem About Why Don't You Love Me

Me and my bf have been together for 9 years. 2 years in he became abusive he would throw me down and hold me on ground and lock me in the bathroom, and then we talked about that and things kind of slowed down so over the last year or so it has turned into more a verbal thing. He is a heavy drinker and when we met I had no idea but as the years went on it got worse and now EVERY NIGHT I am listening to him talk to me like crap. I deserve better, but now I've fallen in love with him and can't get away.

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© Carla Peters

Published: Jan 2012


Why do you tear me down
When all I do is build you up
Why do you hate me so much
Why do you deny my touch

Is drinking that important
and family so expendable
you call me names
and tell me I'm the one to blame

It's all my fault
I deserve a verbal assault
Not a bruise on my body
only scars on my soul

I am alone
I am scared
I'd be better on my own
What happened to the love we shared

I am fat, a slut, a whore, a liar
When all I am is a crier
you say I'm not faithful
but it's our relationship that's not stable

I don't deserve this
I am a good person
Lets try a kiss
to release my burden

when will you stop
stop the drunken arguments that mean nothing
I am tired, I am wore out, I can't go on
knowing I am not on top

I want to mean more than a liquid you pour down your throat
the one that drives people away from you
does it mean that much to you
that you have to see all you can lose before something means more.

I love you with all my heart and soul
But I am tired
tired of being put last
when you are so wired

you have to know my every move
but what do you do for me?
I don't ask much
just asking for you to improve.


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