Poems about Sadness

Poetry about sadness. Feeling sad is no crime although the world might wish you to think so. All the feelings in the world never did anybody any harm. It is our feelings that make us human and connect us to the rest of humanity. When you feel sad, it is important to give yourself permission to feel the sadness. Share your feelings with someone who has the sensitivity to give you the space to let the feeling fully be felt. Only then can you begin to let go.

Sad Poetry

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Abuse And Death, Depression
By Darren Harris
Depression is running through my head,
These thoughts make me think of death,
A darkness which blanks my mind,
A walk through the graveyard, what can I find?
Black shadows walk in ..........
Votes: 89,  Rating: 4.4 , 1 Story
Echoes Of Goodbye
By Patricia A. Queen
Endless footsteps lead on along the ground
The grieving people that were here cannot be found
The black clouds come and hide the crying sky
Amid those timeworn, lonely echoes of ..........
Votes: 68,  Rating: 4.38
Stuck In The Past
By Remaining Anonymous
Stuck In The Past,

Old memories, old actions, old regrets,
It seems someone never forgets,
They seem to return over and over again,
When will they disappear,
when when ..........
Votes: 28,  Rating: 4.36
Complicated Families
By JQ Downing
So many tears shed in the dark of night,
hidden away in our private thoughts
only to be shelved with morning's first light
because of no courage to speak of the pain
this part of our ..........
Votes: 55,  Rating: 4.35
The Girl I Used To Be
By Laura
I tell myself that everything's going to be ok,
that there is no reason for all this pain.
The time it took to change, the time it took to
see all those mistakes.
The life I had, I can't ..........
Votes: 157,  Rating: 4.34
Falling From Darkness
By Anne Powers
Falling from darkness
To a place I don't know
Everything's moving with no place to go
I feel so alone and scared
As I fall, I wonder, "Is anyone there?"

As the days and nights ..........
Votes: 151,  Rating: 4.34 , 3 Stories
Stress Effects Life
Stress is eating at me every minute and second of the day, how do I cope with the horrible effects and make it go away?

I feel so tired and run down and I don't sleep, I lie in bed at night ..........
Votes: 214,  Rating: 4.29
Different As Black And White
By Natasha L. Damian
I dont understand
why cant you see
just what your yelling is doing to me
open your eyes
take a look
you used to read me like a book
but times have changed as they tend
to ..........
Votes: 91,  Rating: 4.26
Not Who Want To Be
By Aleaya Dixon
people say imp perfect
but they don't know that behind the grades
my life crumbles before my eyes
no one knows who I truly am
well I'll tell you who I am
I'm a girl who wants to be ..........
Votes: 42,  Rating: 4.24
Father Out Of Touch, The Man
It's hard to describe how I feel right now
I want to explain it but I don't know how
I can't believe its come to this
it's our world, not just his

no matter how hard we try
the man ..........
Votes: 33,  Rating: 4.24
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Poems about Sadness 1-10 of 26    
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