Sad Poem about Love

Sad Heart Poem

This is poem I wrote for my friend that tried to commit suicide after her boyfriend left her for her friend .

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This poem is absolutely beautiful! I love it.

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My Sorrows Song

© Candace Nau

Published on July 2008

so here it goes,
My sorrows song,
A song that's short,
And not to long,
A silent pain, you'll never feel,
A broken heart, that'll never heal
How do you kill, A dying love,
One that you thought, was sent from above
One that brought so many lies and tears
One that you swore would last through the years
But now I lie here,
Broken in pain,
Clinging to life,
And whispering your name,
Now realizing you were never the one,
But now it's to late, 'cuz my song is done.


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  • by Mostar, Ny
  • 1 year ago

This poem is absolutely beautiful! I love it.

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