Hurting Poems by Teens

Poems by Teens who are Hurt

When a person is feeling hurt, it is important that they share their feelings with their friends. One of the best ways to process feelings is to share them with friends. Many people are under the mistaken notion that they should not share feelings of sadness because it will bring down the moods of others. This may be true. However, more often than not, we may be able to offer comfort to each other and our friendship will become deeper through the process.


Mirror Imagery

Glittering eyes, full of smiles
Happy and proud all the way around
Never shad a tear, never scream out in fear
Never shown any signs of disappointment
or any signs of annoyance

Betrayed, lied, broken hearted
Still laughing at the pain
You stand there staring at my delusive face
Questioning what goes on inside my mind
Contemplating on if I'm really fine

I am everything you want me to be
Everything and anything instead of me
You look at me and see one of the happiest teens
Never showing any signs of misleading or doubt
Pleading on the inside not to let my feelings out

Don't be fooled by what you see
This is nothing but mirror imagery



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I find the poem describing me. I laugh a lot, smile a lot and hide the real me. Many ask what really am I thinking because I never express my feelings to people, not even my mom. I try...

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