Wife Death Poems

Death of Wife Poems

When we take our vows and say, "until death do we part," we are lying to ourselves. Death only brings a physical departure. A marriage and the bond between a husband and wife make two people into one. That means that even when we lose a wife, we are still left with that special love that burns inside and never dies. That internal love burns on even if our wife is no longer with us. Clinging to that love inside of us, even if it can never be physically expressed, should carry us and sustain us in her passing.

Sad Poems about the Death of a Wife

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Poem About Remembered Feelings And Choices
  • By David John Love

Remember all those happy days, those times she called our own
In all those well-loved places where you now grieve alone.
And those small endearing gestures, which you thought you knew so well,
Are fading, as time passes, with her words, her kiss, her smell.
But then there is that moment, that time within the day,
When you feel she is beside you in that old familiar way.
But as you turn to see her smile or receive a tender touch,
There's only a dark shadow of the one you loved so much.
And tears begin to fall in that hole of deep despair,
And memories overwhelm you - more than your heart can bear.
As you remember her gentle grace and her love so soft but strong,
Your heart will simply miss a beat as you miss her life, her song.
You want to rewind the clock and say how much you care;
You want to silence the talk that she's not there to share.
But you smile and chat amiably to family and friends
And hope they do not notice your world is at an end.
But she knows that you will carry on because she told you true
That if she had to choose again, she would still choose you.


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So touching. Nicely worded. Simple and real feelings expressed. Kudos.

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