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Adopted children are often referred to as chosen children. People with love to give and none to bestow it upon seek out a child to raise with love. Some parents choose to conceal their child's adoption thinking that it will only cause him pain and a sense of non-belonging. Others choose to tell their chosen child thinking that he will find out anyway. When a child finds out that he is adopted, it may gave rise to feelings of confusion and alienation. The important thing to remember is that having parents that love you whether biological or chosen is a tremendous gift.

Adoption Poems For Children

Poems by Children who are Adopted

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Growing Up With Grandma
By Candy Canan
I don't know when it happened.
I don't know when she came,
But, she's the one I always knew,
Grandma was her name.

She taught me how to tie my shoes.
She taught me how to ..........
Votes: 343,  Rating: 4.68 , 14 Stories
Joined At The Heart
By Michelle Matthews
A bond from birth we share every day.
Not everyone understands what role I play.
I am the person you call other Mom.
Through heartache and hurt I keep you calm.
When laughter and joy ..........
Votes: 9,  Rating: 4.56
Giving Up Children For Adoption, For My Children
By Cara-Marie Simpkins
For my children

I remember my pregnancy with you
I fell in love with your every move, and with the sound of your beating heart.
I held your precious body in my arms for the first time ..........
Votes: 114,  Rating: 4.53 , 16 Stories
Sisters Reunion
By Jeni Dawn
My Dearest Sister,
This journey has been long.
This experience like a favorite song.
Dreams realized and not abandoned,
Wishes finally granted.
My imaginary friend now has a name, ..........
Votes: 20,  Rating: 4.5 , 4 Stories
Forgive Me, Love Dad
By James D.
I wasn't there to hear your borning cry
Light that day foreshadowed my night
Begrudgingly surrendered that most desired one fall
Though fearful of regrets hoped time would heal all
Votes: 21,  Rating: 4.48
My Birth Mom, A Mother's Love
By Emily E. Adkisson
Loving and gracious the
Women I've never met.
She made a difficult decision and
She will debate that decision for the
Rest of her life.
It was something she knew she had to do
She ..........
Votes: 83,  Rating: 4.47 , 7 Stories
From Birth Mother, Happy Birthday Baby Girl
By Brandi Burnette
18 years ago was the first time that we met
I held you in my arms so tight as I gently wept
I'll never forget the day that you were born
I've held onto those memories for so long..
All ..........
Votes: 18,  Rating: 4.39
Joy Of Child
By April M. Gates

I have a little girl,
Mckaylie is her name,
It's hard to believe, because we don't look the same.
Joy is what she brings me everyday,
I could not imagine life any other ..........
Votes: 68,  Rating: 4.34
Poem From Mom Giving Child Up For Adoption, Letting Go
By Stephanie Mason
Your cry pierced the morning silence
All I heard was you.
I blocked out the sounds,
I blocked out the sights.
I see only you.
Your tiny hand grips my finger
Our eyes meet
An ..........
Votes: 22,  Rating: 4.32
A Mother's Love
By Angela E. Finley-Caligone
In Feb.1960 there was a mother who adopted a baby girl.
Four years later the mother passed away and went home to Glory.
It was as if the little girl was standing in a big field,
all alone ..........
Votes: 16,  Rating: 4.25
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