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The hardest thing I've ever had to face was letting go of my children. The healing process had its challenging moments, but with time, and a lot of prayer, I managed to get through the same heartache that so many Mothers know all too well. Adoption isn't the end of your life, it isn't the end of the world, and it definitely isn't the end of your every happiness. It's actually the very beginning of receiving countless gifts and blessings that you never known before.

For My Children

© Cara-Marie Simpkins
For my children

I remember my pregnancy with you
I fell in love with your every move, and with the sound of your beating heart.
I held your precious body in my arms for the first time and took in your sweet, angelic presence.
Nothing could prepare me for what would lie ahead.
Nothing could prevent my heart from breaking, but it had to be done.
I tried to be strong, but my strength failed me.
I never knew it would be so difficult to write my own name.
I cried, and was grateful for all the precious memories you've given me.
It was a new beginning for you.
The healing was beginning for me.
Time went forward, I learned and grew as I slowly let go of you.
My heart was healed, my life was blessed and my prayers were answered.
Still, there's days when I cry.
I will never stop thinking about you.
Still I wonder about the person you are now, and the person you've yet to become.
I pray that you will always know of the love I have for you.
It's only through the grace of God that you were mine for a time.
He gave you to me, I lovingly obeyed his plans for you.

~C-Marie Simpkins~


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Published: Nov 2007

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  • I gave my 3 beautiful children up for adoption! I didn't want to but had to! I had issues that had to be taken care of! It was the hardest day of my life! I know that they are being taken care of and they are happy! I couldn't be selfish, I had to do what was best for them! I hope that someday they will understand why I had to do it! That poem touched my heart!

    Cheryl, Tx Submitted May 2011

  • Cheryl,
    Adoption is a very heart breaking decision. All a biological Mother can do is hope and pray that her child or children will be understanding, forgiving adults, and will love her for the difficult decision she made.

    Cara-Marie Simpkins Submitted Jun 2011

  • I am 19 years now, and I gave my daughter up for adoption when I was 18, I had her for 6 months and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, her father was abusive and I was alone and I knew I had to make the right choice for her, I am still healing, it's an open adoption but that doesn't make it any easier, I can't wait to hug my baby girl again. I miss you so much Alana, Always my little angel!

    Brittany Submitted Jul 2011

  • I gave my two Beautiful daughter up for adoption...the final hearing is in 3 weeks and it's killing me...this was the hardest decision I've ever made in my life. But I know it's for the best and they are happy and healthy and that's all that matters....I hope they know I love them......This poem hit ever key point I wanted to say and feel.....

    Latasha Turpin,Chattanooga Submitted Jul 2011

  • I was 19 when I had my angel, but by the time she was 23 months old I had the hardest thing to do was to give her up. It was an open adoption, but that did not work out. Her bio-father was abusive from the start, I was too blind to see what I was getting into.
    She is now almost 31 and we are now in contact, but it is slow but only time will tell how things work out for us.
    I loved her when I had her and I still love her now. LeeAnne is my world, even if it takes all my life to show her. I love her and miss her so much.
    I guess God only knows when that time will come for us both.

    Lita- Mi Submitted Sep 2011

  • Wow this poem real tells how I feel and says everything I would have said. I am 29 now but when I was 21 I had 2 children taken away and adopted. I was so hurt and angry but I knew it was for the best. I was going through a lot in my life and I had lots of things I needed to work on. Things have changed so much since then :-) I have been living a happy sober life now for a little over 5 years now and just got married last year in September to the best man I have ever meet in my life. I just hope that one day my children will see me living a good life and understand why I had to give them up. I love you both so much and I think about you everyday and I pray for the day I will get to see you.

    Inga, Denver Co, Submitted May 2012

  • Thank you for your kind replies. We all have our own stories, and life leads us down different paths. As women, we are very strong, and very resilient. No matter what, we somehow manage to make it through the darkest, saddest moments better individuals than what we were at the beginning of our very personal trials and challenges life handed us.

    Cara-Marie Simpkins Submitted Jun 2012

  • I was 16 years old when I got pregnant, 17 when I had the most beautiful, bright eyed, curly headed baby girl. I raised my baby for 6 months. Being so young with such a big responsibility was even harder than I prepared myself. I ran away from a problem at home and took her to her great Aunt and Uncles house. It would hurt my heart literally to go see her and she not know who I am. She's now two years old, and it still hurts me that she doesn't call my mommy. But I can only blame myself. Now she's been adopted. But she is being loved and cared for beyond this world. And as soon as I can get myself together I plan to be the best thing in her life.
    Thank you so much for this poem.

    Brittany, Detroit Submitted Nov 2012

  • I am 26 years old and a little slow. It is not some thing I that really wanted to do. I just gave him up yesterday, my sweet two year old baby boy. I have not left my room all day. All I can see is him but at least he is going to two loving parents. A real home I can't give him. I can't drive him back and forth like they can. I can't give him things like toys or new clothes like they can. I can't give him all that. See I'm not too bright. I don't spell or read all that well either so all I can get is a fast food job. I have no father to help me and no family to give me the support that I need. I am on my own. So I did what any mother would do, when they love their baby as I do in order to give them a real chance on life. But it does not come with out pain. Will it ever get better? Will I ever leave my room? Will he know that I do this because I love him so much? This is hoping for a better tomorrow.

    Jesup, GA Submitted 5/16/2013

  • My two lovely boys stay in a shelter so I have to make a decision to give them up for adoption. It's really painful to make that decision because they are the only hope I have in this world they bring me joy when I'm with them but at the end I have to do what's best for them whatever decision I am going to make, let it be God choice

    Lelethu,Johannesberg Submitted 7/30/2013

  • I was 23 when I gave my son up for adoption. That was the hardest decision to go through. I never knew what it was like till I gave my son up. I took him back and kept him for three months and had to gave him up again. I cried as if someone died. It hurt so much and I had to be strong for my three older children. My oldest child remembers me giving my son up. She caught me crying really hard one day and it made her cry also. He is now four years old. I still cry here and there. When we see each other, it's like he knows there is a connection between us. (I gave him up to my brother and his wife.) I will always love him as my other children. He is in our hearts forever.

    Leah, Anchorage, AK Submitted 9/30/2013

  • I gave my 2nd daughter up at birth took her back at 2 months and gave her back at 18 months to same family. They adopted her. I miss her like crazy it hurts so bad.

    Heather, Maine Submitted 11/20/2013

  • I was 22 years old I had my daughter taken into adoption with no chose of my own. She was taken from me. That was the worst day of my whole life. I have letter and pics twice a year. She knows who I am. I have 5 years left of this heartache.

    Beverley Submitted 2/22/2014

  • Oh how my heart aches for each of you!
    I wish there were a way to remove all your pain, hurt, heartache and uncertainty.
    I wish there were a way to heal your broken, shattered hearts, to dry your tears, and to promise brighter, happier tomorrow's. All I can say is a Mother's love knows no depths, no limits, no boundaries when it comes to eternal, unyielding love for a dear child.
    Take heart in knowing that one day, you may again know joy, happiness and tender moments that only a child can bring. Those moments that you will love and adore everyday. A child for you to keep, snuggle, diaper, bathe, worry over, pick up after, play silly games with, teach, guide, nurture and love more than the very breath you breathe.
    All will be well in the end. It always is.

    Cara-Marie Simpkins Submitted 3/17/2014

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