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Our lives are so busy and sometimes we live so far from our families. We miss the relationships with our families and often we do not even share important life events with them. We need to move back towards our families. If not in actual distance then at least we must move closer in our hearts. We live in a time where there are unprecedented communication possibilities. No one will ever love us unconditionally like our family can. We'd be fools not to take advantage of this opportunity.

I Miss You Poems

Poems about missing a mom or dad

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Poem From Father Missing Daughters After Divorce, Lost Daughters
By Andrew Bannister
I am a dad who is too sad to say
My two little girls have been taken away

Their mother wanted to take them far from me
Now in another country across the sea

No one would listen, ..........
Votes: 18,  Rating: 4.61
Letter To Missing Dad From Baby Daughter, His Poem
If you saw me on the street
would you stop and talk to me
or would you look right past me,
a stranger you didn't see?

I often think of you,
do you ever think of me?
one day I ..........
Votes: 136,  Rating: 4.58 , 4 Stories
A Needed Dad
By Cassandra L. Welsh
Did you know that no matter what you are my dad,
And with out you I'm very sad?

I miss the way we use to have fun,
Playing all hours with or without the sun.

I want you to be the ..........
Votes: 93,  Rating: 4.57 , 5 Stories
A Loving Dad
By Patricia M. Green
I wish I had my dad by my side
Just thinking of him makes me cry
Never being able to get to know him
Hurts me inside everyday that goes by
The stories I hear
To my eyes they bring a ..........
Votes: 220,  Rating: 4.55 , 9 Stories
All Things I Never Said, My Mother
By Renea E. Wilhelm
I fall down on my knees and begin to cry.
For I never wanted you to leave my side.
I wanted you to be by my side for ever and ever.
And I wanted to leave your side, never.
For you were my ..........
Votes: 245,  Rating: 4.53 , 8 Stories
My Best Friend!!
By Peachez
On the day I turned sixteen a day I'll never forget
My heart was filled with pain my life was filled with regret
A day that was suppose to be spent opening up gifts and blowing out ..........
Votes: 147,  Rating: 4.52 , 7 Stories
Light A Candle
By J
light a candle,
see it glow,
watch it dance,
when you feel low,
think of me,
think of light,
I'll always be here,
day or night,
a candle flickers,
out of sight,
but in ..........
Votes: 549,  Rating: 4.5 , 14 Stories
Lonely For Mom
By Stephanie
There was one a person who made me feel safe
held my hand when I began to fall from grace

This person was my mother she's the one I miss
she brought me love and endless ..........
Votes: 514,  Rating: 4.5 , 53 Stories
Poem About A Mother Who Lost Parental Rights To Her Daughter, Yesterday
By Tanya Stuart
I just can't believe you're gone,
Still waiting for morning to come
Wanna see if the sun will rise
Even without you by my side.
We had so much in store,
I'll hold yesterday in my ..........
Votes: 20,  Rating: 4.5
Poem Inviting Dad Back Into A Daughter's Life, Message To Absent Dad
Dad, why did you leave me when I needed you so much.
I tried to reach out to you for that loving touch.
I have realized now that I'm no daddy's princess.
When I was younger, I actually felt ..........
Votes: 8,  Rating: 4.5
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Missing You Poems 1-10 of 38    
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