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This section is for poetry that falls in the realm of fantasy. The genre of fantasy is an opportunity to dream of reality as we might like it to be. It may leave the reader wondering if this fantasy is possible or whether it bears any resemblance to the real world. However, there are no limits to the possibilities that our imaginations can conjure. Each of these thoughts that are put on paper, although lacking an objective truth, tell us a truth about the human condition.

Throw reality aside and read about Love, Fairies, Dragons and Monsters


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Once upon the ocean blue
came a story just for you
'bout the bloody buccaneers
who sailed the Main in yesteryears....

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I did love this poem. It was very captivating. I would like to find out where that ole pirate town is!

  • By Gene
  • Published: May 2008

Look, over there
Confused in its present state
Stands a one horned animal let out of heavens gate
Angel's give them a specific name...

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  • By Jessica
  • Published: October 2008
A Lonely Dragon

The enormous red and black beauty of the sky,
Always been free to fly.
But since all the little creatures-
With their bows and arrows-...

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This poem really touched my heart. We are so cruel to animals. We kill them for our selfish gains and we killed so many that some are extinct and soon some will be like a rhino. Can't we show...

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Castle Of Poets

The castle is a place where poets dwell,
Where each can cast their wondrous spell.
From the turrets high to the dungeons deep
From each portcullis to the central keep....

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I enjoyed this poem. It had rhyme and reason. I thought it a bit scary by the end. Keep up the good work Mike!


Poem About A Mermaid

I walked to the beach,
To collect some shells.
I stood on the pier,
And listened to the sounds.

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In my little airplane
flying way up high,
zooming through the lands of clouds
so white and grand and high,...

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A Visit To A Sailor Husband
  • Published: November 2007
Maiden Voyage 2 D Highseas

I was going to join my husband on board,
Thanks for giving me this opportunity, O dear Lord.

My heart was beating so fast,...

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This story touches me at how happy she was to see her husband!!!! I would definitely feel the same way!!!!


What I'm about to tell you, You must keep it on the low
Vampires are dangerous, So don't tell them no
They're both beautiful and mysterious
Big fangs, dressed in black, Blood is what they want...

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Saving Best Of Life
  • By Curtis Meadowcroft
  • Published: January 2008
The Magic Box


I will put in my box
The blazing fire from a Chinese dragon, ...

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